Plus Size Personal Training Fitness Tip #2

Great Curvy Girl! You’re here. Now CLICK HERE to get started losing weight without depriving yourself, create firm curves and get that amazing energy back. CLICK HERE to start right away! Please watch the video below to learn about how to get started on your fitness and weight loss program. Plus Size Personal Training FitnessContinue Reading

Plus Size Personal Training Fitness Tip #1

Watch the video below to learn how to maximize your workouts on your fitness and weight loss journey. Plus Size Personal Training Tip #1 – How to maximize your fitness and weight loss results Make sure you don’t get stuck using the weight machines every single time Change your routine and step out of yourContinue Reading

The Power Of Accountability For Your Fitness And Weight Loss Program

Right before we get to the starting gate of an exercise and diet program we are pumped; motivated to get into amazing shape. After a few weeks and maybe even as early as a few days that motivation starts to lag. Why does this happen to most of us Curvy Goddesses? It’s so easy toContinue Reading

My 30 Day Weight Loss Plan

I’m mapping out my 30 day weight loss plan. I use weight loss as a general description but it’s more focused on an overall fitness, healthy and weight loss program. Here’s the reasoning behind creating a personal 30 day weight loss plan and my back story. I’ve been sitting on my behind creating Curvy GoddessContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Honor The Inner Game

I’ve noticed that in magazines, weight loss blogs, Facebook weight loss pages or TV interviews when a person announces they’ve lost ____ lbs. most of us are waiting to hear what exactly did she do to finally succeed in losing the weight. And most of us expect that the answer is a step-by-step menu planContinue Reading

Your New Luscious Lover Is…Who Is This Beautiful Person In Your Life? [MUSIC VIDEO]

If you’ve had an amazing love affair in your life do you remember what it was like? How did you feel? Did your whole body sing out for joy? Were your senses heightened just thinking about your lover? Well I have had a few in my life and I still remember the feelings I felt.Continue Reading

The Confusion Of Being Great – 3 Things They Don’t Want You To Know As A Curvy Goddess [MUSIC VIDEO]

Let’s face it Curvy Sister. We live in a society that is obsessed with “skinny” and although I’m not knocking it I know that it has affected me and my Curvy Goddess World and well-being. Based on the media’s definition of a woman’s ideal body size I think we are supposed to eat lettuce, cleanseContinue Reading

Healthy Eating – The Other Option For Weight Loss

Incorporating a healthy eating strategy is necessary when wanting to lose weight, Curvy Girl. You can work out all you like. And exercise is the perfect way to reshape the body and increase the metabolism while building a strong, firm curvy body but it does not give you an all-access pass to eating whatever youContinue Reading

Weight Loss Success Stories – Did You Ever Think That You Could Become One?

I’m sure you love to read weight loss success stories. And how lucky you are because I have many weight loss success stories with weight loss success stories before and after pics too. These womens weight loss success stories come from my clients and fans on the Curvy Goddess Lounge fan page. Throughout the weeks,Continue Reading

Weight Loss Plan – Celebrating Your Curvy Body NOW!

When creating a new weight loss plan for yourself you probably shift into deprivation and abuse mode. I don’t blame you Curvy Girl. How can you not? There are so many “diet plans” and “workout weight loss plans” that prescribe abuse and starvation methods that would condition you to expect that of yourself whenever startingContinue Reading

My name is Diane Williams. I am a personal trainer certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I've been a professional fitness trainer for over 14 years in New York City.

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