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The Plus Womens Path – Meet Donia White Ecker

The Plus Womens Path
The Plus Womens Path is explored through my interviews with fellow Curvy Goddesses. I am proud to present my first interview with Curvy Goddess, Donia White Ecker from Belton, Texas.

The Plus Womens Path can be a challenging one but it definitely is an individual thing based on many factors. This is what Donia and I discuss:

==> 39 y/o Caucasian female, married, mother of two sets of twins.

==> What was the dynamic between mother and daughter growing up

==> How her mother impacted her relationship with food

==> Why she is dying to have weight loss surgery

==> She also discusses her health and fitness levels

==> Some of her diet experiences specifically with hCG diet and phentermine

==> How economic level may contribute to being overweight/obese

==> Why a plus size workout specifically strength training exercise will help Donia if she decides on weight loss surgery

==> And a lot more…

Hope you found The Plus Womens Path interview with Donia, fellow Curvy Goddess to be interesting. Would love to get your input down below. I will definitely reply.

Until next time, Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!



One Response to The Plus Womens Path – Meet Donia White Ecker

  1. I am new to the Curvy Goddess Lounge and website, I have subscribed it to my Newsfeed because I was inspired with so many uplifting and motivational posts. I enjoyed the interview with Donia because I connected with her story on many levels. I have struggled with my weight all my life and I still do. I do consider myself a Curvy Goddess, I used to be 200 plus pounds and last year got down to 142 pounds and a size 4/6. I was 43yrs old and at my lowest weight in my adult years. I realized then more than ever how society views overweight people. I got better service when I went places, men would go out of their way to help me with something, hold the door for me etc. I never got treated like that as a plus size woman. In the past year aprox. I have now gained back 10 plus pds aprx. I am only 5’1 (more like 5ft) so I cannot hide anything. I am an emotional eater (try to eat away my emotions) and I do late night binging. I became a widow Dec. 23, 2009 and I have a 17yr old son and an 18yr old daughter. I have always been an emotional eater though and I have and currently am getting therapy for my eating disorders. My deceased husband had the gastric stomach bypass and it was the last resort for him and he had complications from the beginning and near fatal bleeds, etc. and passed away when he was 46yrs old from a blockage of the bowels, he had reoccurring hernias, from the surgery the lining of the muscles of the stomach wall weaken and the mesh kept tearing. He lost a ton of weight but was never really ‘healthy’. Anyway, I connected with your interview and I enjoy Curvy Goddess, we should be loved and accepted for who we are on the inside, what is on the outside changes, what’s on the inside only gets better….(my theory I used on my online dating profile) lol.

    Thank you for your inspiration,


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