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Weight Loss Band – Pros And Cons Of Lapband Surgery

pros and cons of lapband surgery
The LapBand for Weight Loss
There exists pros and cons of lapband surgery although it is less invasive than other weight loss surgeries.

But one must face reality that although obesity is a risk in and of itself one must make wise decisions whether or not to undergo surgery because of the pros and cons of lapband surgery that do exist.

The following lists will give you an idea about the risks and benefits associated with weight loss band or what others know it to be lapband surgery, so basically a list of the pros and cons of lapband surgery. Remember that every surgical procedure has risks and benefits.

Pros and Cons of Lapband Surgery ==> You went to the seminar or workshop to hear what the pros and cons of lapband surgery are to make a sound decision for your health and your life, Curvy Goddess.

Below are some of the many benefits.

Pros of LapBand Surgery

The procedure is reversible and only requires the band to be removed for the stomach to return to normal size and function.

The stomach does not need to be cut open or stapled shut.

No issues with vitamin or nutrient deficiency because the intestines are not altered.

There are fewer mortality rates and fewer severe complications as compared to other more invasive weight loss surgeries.

The hospital stay is short and the recovery time quicker than other surgeries.

The band can be adjusted and filled without the need for further surgery.

Weight loss band wearers see an improvement in overall health, including cholesterol, blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, and arthritis.

Women of child bearing age can get this procedure and not worry about vitamin and mineral deficiency during pregnancy.

You’ve read the great many pros of the pros and cons of lapband surgery. Now let’s look at the cons.

Cons of LapBand Surgery

The band can negatively impact a pregnancy, and women should consider deflation if morning sickness or other pains are present.

Weight loss is slower than with more invasive surgeries, but measures out to about the same amount lost after five years.

Patients commonly report regurgitation of swallowed food, either from a blocked area in the stomach or from eating too quickly.

Food must be chewed thoroughly, slowly, and only a small amount can be eaten at each meal.

The band can erode or slip, causing bleeding or puncturing of the stomach.

Bleeding or infection can occur at or around the band site.

Some patients fail to lose a noticeable amount of weight even after the surgery.

Deciding Based on Pros and Cons of Lapband Surgery

If a less invasive surgery is your ideal option, then inserting a weight loss band or lapband may be your best bet. As with any weight loss plan, strategy or aid, lapband surgery isn’t a cure-all, but more like an assistive measure which helps you lose weight. Remember to weigh the pros and cons of lapband surgery and other weight loss surgeries before making a decision.

Hope you learned some valuable points about the pros and cons of lapband surgery, so until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!



11 Responses to Weight Loss Band – Pros And Cons Of Lapband Surgery

  1. I am SO opposed to weight loss surgery of ANY type unless someone’s health and life is in immediate jeopardy. I know all too well that losing weight is downright difficult but surgery as you’ve listed, comes with its own serious considerations even if its just a lap band rather than full gastric bypass. I wouldn’t reccommend any kind of surgical weightloss procedure unless it truly is a last resort. Just my two cents….

    Oh- the fact that I’m totally chicken also influences my viewpoint as well.
    Deena recently posted..When is a stripe not a stripeMy Profile

  2. The Prime Method – There is perfect balance. Find yours. We’ll help you improve your health, make steady, measurable changes in your body, with a clear plan, knowledgeable support and the right tools.

  3. If people want to take the surgery path to losing weight, I think lap surgery is probably the best option. There seems to be good reports of keeping lost weight off, and it is definitely lower risk than other procedures. But in the end, it is definitely up to the individual!

  4. I’m a big believer in choice. I’m one of the many that went down the surgery path, and I was only 21 at the time. I was pushing 150kgs, had tried everything I could to lose weight, would lose a bit then gain it back. Having the Lap-Band put in was the hardest decision I’d ever made, not being supported by family and friends can be even harder. But at the end of the day you have to do what you feel is right for you.
    There are pros and cons to everything in life, I guess I feel the risks of being as overweight as I was far outweighed the risks of the surgery itself. But I was lucky I was so young in a way, I recovered quickly from the procedure, and have since had an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) to remove the excess skin that didn’t “bounce back”.
    It’s been almost ten years now. I’ve lost, and kept off, 84kgs. I am married, have an amazing 2 year old boy, am studying nursing and hope to follow my husbands lead into the defence force as a nursing officer.
    I don’t like to think about how my life could have turned out differently to this, or if my life would have turned out at all.

  5. Lapband surgery was one of my options when I am looking for ways to lose weight. I guess it’s all about how you assess yourself. It’s your right to undergo such procedure if you think it’s needed and you can.

  6. The most common approach to lose those extra pounds is to eat less and exercise more. But if you are severely or morbidly obese, this approach may not be enough. Undergoing weight loss surgery to shed excess body fat may be the most trusted way to end your struggle with obesity forever.and I think adjustable gastric banding is a restrictive weight loss method that works by decreasing the amount of food intake and making you feel full sooner. Btw @Diane!! very nice post I have enjoyed reading all of it..Thanks for share..:)
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