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Join the Party with Zumba

What is Zumba Fitness?

Can a Curvy Goddess lose weight with Zumba Fitness?

I’ve been wondering if it’s easy to lose weight with Zumba. Zumba Fitness has been the rage for the past year or so not only in NYC, but all over the country and the world. Many lose weight with Zumba because it’s fun and that is also why it’s popular.

Many Zumba enthusiasts will agree that you are able to lose weight with Zumba…EASILY!

Almost every single day I hear offline and online about people who lose weight with Zumba.

My Curvy Goddesses not only take my circuit resistance fat-burning workout, Curvy Goddess Workout but some of them are supplementing their well-rounded fat-loss and reshaping program with Zumba Fitness classes so they can lose weight with Zumba Fitness.

I think it’s a really smart approach to lose weight with Zumba Fitness because the workout is simply fun. Hundreds of thousands of Curvy Goddesses have transformed their bodies and most importantly transformed their minds. They are now associating exercise and weight loss with fun. And that is a huge factor for success in the weight loss game.

Diet is also important when it comes to weight loss. Losing weight with Zumba fitness alone is usually not the case for most Curvy Goddesses. They will have to change their diet; cut out the processed foods and sugar while on a plus size workout program.

Why Do You Lose Weight with Zumba Fitness?

Zumba Fitness combines Latin and international music to simple dance choreography that keep your feet moving, your mind learning and challenged, and your heart pumping so it creates an exciting dynamic for a fun and wild ride every single workout.

The routines incorporate interval training because of the slow and fast combinations in the workout adding resistance training to help tone the whole body and burn loads of calories.

Some of the international dance “flavors” range from mambo to slasa, from flamenco to merengue. Other styles also are added such as belly dance and hip hop.

What to Expect When You Lose Weight with Zumba Fitness

One of the reasons why it can be easy to lose weight with Zumba Fitness is that you’re focused on weight loss and/or fat loss you won’t need to show up to the dance fitness studio with any dance training.

The choreography is simple enough for anyone to join the party and start burning calories. Zumba enthusiasts range in ages from their teens to their 70′s and 80′s.

Can Anyone Lose Weight with Zumba?

Zumba Gold is a special program designed for those who have a hard time moving or are confined to a wheelchair. WOW! They seem to have covered all bases when it comes to including everyone. So everybody can lose weight with Zumba even those who have extreme limitations.

Generally classes are an hour long while sometimes classes are available for 90 minutes.

Typically you’re able to burn about 450 calories during an hour long session although actual calories burned are dependent on your weight, your bodyfat percentage, and how hard you’re working during the session.

Why Lose Weight With Zumba Fitness?

Most Curvy Goddesses have a negative association with exercise and weight loss so there is a mental block to lose weight with Zumba or any other way.

I’m sure most of us have had traumatic or maybe just negative experiences because of our not so fabulous time in a gym, in PE class, or during recess and then we try a fitness class or hired a personal trainer who has never had a weight problem in his life. All of these experiences reinforce our belief that exercise is not a fun thing and it will never be.

Zumba Fitness is ideal for that Curvy Goddess who has that belief. While you lose with Zumba, you’re having fun in the process.

Boredom, having to deal with difficult awkward movements are never issues when you lose weight with Zumba Fitness and so a Curvy Goddess is more likely to stick to her plan and exercise frequently and consistently.

You can expect to see results in 4 weeks and probably sooner if you’ve rehauled your diet plan and thyroid issues are non-existent.

Here are some final tips to help you continue your weight loss journey and lose weight with Zumba Fitness:

* Register beforehand – Since it’s so popular, Zumba Fitness classes will likely fill-up quickly. Make sure you’ve reserved your spot to get in your workout.

* Go to a trial session – If you’ve never done Zumba and don’t want to commit to long-term or to the full-price, find out if there’s a free or discounted offer.

* Research the background of the instructor – Most of the reasons why a person loves a class is usually because of the instructor.

The bottomline why a Curvy Goddess will lose weight with Zumba Fitness, it’s because it’s FUN! There seems to be a party every single session.

Hope you find my lose weight with Zumba Fitness article helpful, so until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

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