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Online Personal Training with The Curvy Goddess for Motivation

Being motivated by using fitness motivation and staying motivated are a rather challenging feat. It’s an issue for those of us Curvy Goddesses who have goals with being healthy and fit and staying that way.

Ultimately, any type of fitness motivation is good for kick-starts and a great method right after you’ve fallen off the horse but our main goal is to make it part of our lifestyle. There is no need for fitness motivation once you’re there.

Fitness motivation can help sometimes but usually it’s not there when you want it so you’ll have to plan and set things in your program to help you along the way to your destination.

Here are a few fitness motivation tips for you to map out in your goal setting:

Fitness Motivation Tip #1

Create Your Path: What are your targets? What would you like to accomplish? Is it weight loss? Or fitness strength gains? You’ll find the fitness motivation once your path is clear to you.

Fitness Motivation Tip #2

Do More Than What Is Required: Yes, you’ve been walking for 30 minutes every other day. But look at your goals. You want to lose a few inches and you’ve walked every other day for the past 6 months. You know you’ll have to push a little harder. Don’t do the minimal because that’s what you’ll be getting at the end…Minimal results.

Fitness Motivation Tip #3

Step Out of Your Box of Comfort: Everything that is new to you is out of your comfort zone Curvy Goddess. If you want to see some changes and make this a brand new lifestyle then you’ll have to do what doesn’t come naturally.

Surprisingly you may enjoy it!

Fitness Motivation Tip #4

Educate Yourself on Fitness and Health: Read some books on the topic or hire a personal trainer/fitness coach to not only hold you accountable but teach you while you take action.

I am offering an online personal training service for all of my Curvy Goddesses who aren’t ready to go to the gym because of many factors; discrimination, affordability, lack of knowledge what to do, etc. She will be able to work with me.

Personal training videos will be sent regularly based on your goals with follow-up calls and emails. No expensive workout equipment is required. Fitness webinars, fitness tools, and guides will be inlcuded…and also ME.

Online Personal Training with The Curvy Goddess will be beta at this time so you can get in at a substantially low monthly fee.

If you’re interested please comment below and I will contact you for more information.

Here’s what others are saying about fitness motivation and getting on track:

justinbeibyerJustin Bieber – @justinbeibyer
Sometimes you have to be your own hero…. so hit the gym today! #occupygym #fitness #motivation

It’s true. Sometimes you will just have to suck it up and do what you need to do to get it done. Be accountable to yourself.

NickifitnessNicki Andrews – @Nickifitness
Make yourself stronger than your excuses! #motivation #fitness

I agree with Nick. This is a no excuses zone. And if I hear one I will lash it, destroy it with my tongue…meaning I will tell you what you can do to bypass the objection, the excuse.

For more fitness motivation tips check these links; Until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

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