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A Personal Trainer in NYC Shares How to Effectively Listen to Your Body’s Needs

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Listen...What is your body saying to you?
Reading the title to this article you may be wondering how I would know, a personal trainer in NYC. Being a NYC personal trainer for over 11 years and having 100’s of clients I have the unique opportunity to actually understand that integration is important in the success of your physical goals.

The physical is connected to your mind and spirit.

I truly believe that one cannot have a completely fulfilled, happy life without integration.

And being able to truly understand and know your body can be a challenge when you don’t even want to know that it does exist.

But you deserve to know and experience the beauty and miracle of your spectacular curvy body, Curvy Goddess.

Listening to your body’s needs is vital to attaining and maintaining the health you deserve.

Sometimes, you can push your body too far without even realizing it.

When you learn to listen to your body’s cues, however, you can live a happier and calmer life.

Getting in Touch with Yourself

You might think that you’re already in touch with yourself, but ensure that you’re in touch with all of yourself.

Sometimes you might be tempted to live all in the mind and it’s no wonder! There are constant stresses and demands from you every day that sap you of your mental energy. However, it’s critical to listen to your entire body.

If you feel fatigued or frustrated, your body is trying to tell you something valuable. Pay attention and heed the information.

Take a deep breath or two and slow down when your body demands rest.

If you fail to do so, you risk greater physical harm. Your body will get the rest it needs one way or another, so do it the easy – and healthy – way.

I’m not the only personal trainer in NYC or anywhere else in the US for that matter who thinks that you need to fuel your body with proper nutrition, drink plenty of water, and exercise regularly.

Even light exercise gets your heart pumping and increases your energy. Your body will thank you for the effort!

Reducing Stress

If you feel frustrated or aggravated at the circumstances of life, this will affect your body as well as your mind.

When your body is stressed, your muscles become tight and you’ll know that something just doesn’t feel right.

Therefore, one important step in the process of getting in tune with your body is to reduce your overall stress.

One of the best things you can do is to take a break for yourself during a portion of every day.

Even a few short minutes to get your thoughts straight can work wonders for reducing your stress level.

Concentrate on your feelings and see if your body is offering you warning signs of trouble.

If you reduce the “mind noise” in your life, you’ll find it easier to listen to your body.

When you’re hungry, heed your body’s signal that it needs fuel.

Make wise choices to fuel your body for success, and you’ll be rewarded with the vitality and energy to chase after your dreams.

Listening to Cues

Your body is sending you cues all the time. Listen to them. Can your body handle being pushed further at this time, or do you need to take a step back because you’re pushing too much?

If you listen to yourself, you’ll know your limits and avoid burnout.

Ways to Stay in Touch with Your Body

Here are three practical steps to listening more effectively to your body:

personal trainerMeditation – Meditation is an effective way to get in touch with your mind and body. Take a few minutes alone each day to focus on your breath. Learn a technique and commit to a few minutes each day.

personal trainerYoga – Yoga keeps your body in shape while you keep in touch with your mind and spirit. This practice has the power to give you extra awareness about your body that you’ve never had access to before.

personal trainerStart an exercise routine – This personal trainer in NYC emphasizes strength training exercise but even a light exercise routine can work wonders for your body.

If you get and stay in shape, you’ll be able to push yourself harder when you need to do so. You’ll also be able to recognize your limits in most situations.

Your curvy personal trainer in NYC tells you to remember that your body will tell you what you need. Instead of over-thinking things, simply commit to attentively listening to your body. Choose one or more of the methods above, put a few minutes on your schedule for today, and keep your appointment with yourself. You’ll be glad you did!

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!



2 Responses to A Personal Trainer in NYC Shares How to Effectively Listen to Your Body’s Needs

  1. What a great article!

    It’s nice to read a refreshing article that raises the point that there is more to a healthy life than just low carbs and workouts. While all that is good and well, it serves no purpose if you aren’t listenning to your body.

    Thank you for sharing your insite!


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