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Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyle – Bringing the Curvy Goddess to the Surface

Weight loss and healthy lifestyle, where do I begin? You wonder and ask me, The Curvy Goddess, your guide and your virtual personal trainer to healthy weight loss, fitness, and overall transformation…through and through. So you’ve decided to lose weight in a healthy way because you’re sick and tired of living this way. Well you’ve

Managing Overeating and Stuffing During the Holidays

Overeating and stuffing yourself during the holidays is one of the negative sides to an otherwise spectacular holiday season experience. Overeating and stuffing will leave you tired all the time, feeling absolutely unmotivated to do anything except sit on the couch, watching your favorite holiday television programs and drinking egg nog with your friends and

Flatter Tummy Myths Exposed

All of us want a flatter tummy no matter what dress size we wear Curvy Goddess. Wrong information about this subject is running rampant. I listen sometimes to my clients share the misinformation to me and am surprised that these myths still exist. We are going to cover five common myths about getting a flatter