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Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyle – Bringing the Curvy Goddess to the Surface

Weight loss and healthy lifestyle, where do I begin? You wonder and ask me, The Curvy Goddess, your guide and your virtual personal trainer to healthy weight loss, fitness, and overall transformation…through and through. So you’ve decided to lose weight in a healthy way because you’re sick and tired of living this way. Well you’ve

Zumba Exercise Tips For The Beginner

Zumba exercise is one of the most fun workouts to learn especially for the exercise beginner. Even if you have two left feet and have no background in dance or fitness Zumba exercise would be one of the ideal workouts to add in your plus size fitness and health repertoire. And even down the road

Managing Overeating and Stuffing During the Holidays

Overeating and stuffing yourself during the holidays is one of the negative sides to an otherwise spectacular holiday season experience. Overeating and stuffing will leave you tired all the time, feeling absolutely unmotivated to do anything except sit on the couch, watching your favorite holiday television programs and drinking egg nog with your friends and

Plus Size Leather Lingerie For The Curvy Goddess – The Primal Pleasure

Have you ever worn leather lingerie, Curvy Goddess? Ever felt it touch your skin? Smelled it while your eyes were closed so that you could enjoy the aroma to the fullest? Leather is a very interesting material that expresses a different mood to lingerie when worn. It’s unique characteristics make it different than wearing lace,

Choosing Womens Large Size Lingerie Online

Buying womens large size lingerie can be so stressful for many Curvy Goddesses. I know sometimes it’s a reminder that I’ve been avoiding the wonderful healthy and fit actions for me and my body. Basically avoiding being healthy which say ‘I love my Curvy Goddess body.’ The anxiety heightens when a lot of department stores