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An Exercise Plan for Weight Loss – The Curvy Goddess Strength Factor

Creating an exercise plan for weight loss should always include strength training. It’s also called resistance training which offers a plethora of benefits that are significant. An exercise plan for weight loss factors in strength training because it helps address bone loss issues that many women have as we grow older. But having osteoporosis doesn’tContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Weight Loss Before and After for Measure and Motivation

Weight loss before and after comparisons and results can give you the motivation and inspiration to continue on your Curvy Goddess fitness and health journey. It is really difficult sometimes at certain points on the path to stay on and move forward so what you need to do is create the inspiration to plow through.Continue ReadingContinue Reading

[VIDEO] Exercise for Weight Loss – Questions from Curious Curvy Goddesses Answered

Exercise for weight loss is a part of the overall components for healthy weight loss and fitness. Exercise for weight loss is definitely an important part of the total sum. I have had many clients who have wanted to lose weight and get healthy again and when they have incorporated exercise for weight loss consistentlyContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Fitness Motivation Tips for the Curvy Goddess

Being motivated by using fitness motivation and staying motivated are a rather challenging feat. It’s an issue for those of us Curvy Goddesses who have goals with being healthy and fit and staying that way. Ultimately, any type of fitness motivation is good for kick-starts and a great method right after you’ve fallen off theContinue ReadingContinue Reading

7 Benefits Of Sticking To A Weight Training System

If you think you can bypass incorporating a weight training system to your fitness and weight loss program; think again Curvy Goddess. There are just too many benefits that exist when sticking to a weight training system that your personal trainer designed for you or that you’re doing in a weight training conditioning class atContinue ReadingContinue Reading

The Benefits To Exercise – The Really Good Hard Truth

You know that there are benefits to exercise and not just a handful of them but a mega-bunch of reasons. Sometimes you need to be reminded Curvy Goddess of how miraculous a plus size workout program is for your health influencing your life in a powerful way. We all hear from doctors, personal trainers, allContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Plus Size Leather Lingerie For The Curvy Goddess – The Primal Pleasure

Have you ever worn leather lingerie, Curvy Goddess? Ever felt it touch your skin? Smelled it while your eyes were closed so that you could enjoy the aroma to the fullest? Leather is a very interesting material that expresses a different mood to lingerie when worn. It’s unique characteristics make it different than wearing lace,Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Plus Size Models Gallery – Featuring The Curvy Goddess

This will be the first installment of the Plus Size Models Gallery in a continuing series at Curvy Goddess Lounge. And how apropos to start the premier of the Plus Size Models Gallery section featuring me, The Curvy Goddess. I’m no longer a plus size model but I came to New York City with quiteContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Does Zumba Work? – Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Does Zumba work? You wonder. Millions have been so curious asking the same question. Does Zumba work…Really? And so they took the plunge and tried Zumba themselves. There are believers and then there are the total sceptics also questioning the same. Does Zumba work? Knowing the main principles and the concepts behind the Zumba FitnessContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Zumba Fitness – Zumba for Beginners

Is Zumba for beginners? Zumba Fitness is the perfect plus size workout for beginners of exercise. Zumba for beginners – Why is it perfect for beginners? Zumba for beginners is a great fun plus size workout who have this negative association with exercise so are apprehensive about starting a plus size fitness program. Zumba FitnessContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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