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Plus Size Workout – Exercise Just for the Curvy Goddess?

Plus Size Yoga - Lotus
Creating a plus size workout just for the Curvy Girl and being a NYC personal trainer for over 11 years, I’m very aware of the buzz about obesity in America and the issues people face related to being obese and/or overweight. I’m sure you’ve heard it. Honestly we can’t avoid the news.

We not only hear about the issues related to obesity but there are many experts out there giving you the usual solutions which range from gastric bypass surgery to the inevitable plea for diet and exercise.

However, there is one major problem people do not normally address. What type of exercise can you do that will help you?

Being a NYC personal trainer, I’ve seen others not understanding that there are certain issues related to size that will aggravate the situation.

Jumping up and down with extra weight and sprinting hills will place you in danger of serious injury.

Wonder what this Personal Trainer is telling her
Hiring a personal trainer that verbally abuses like a drill sergeant is not a positive motivator.

If someone abused me verbally telling me that I was a little fatty and lazy and had to lose this weight while he trained me I think I’d knock him out.

And then fire him.

What’s the problem? I believe that there is lack of understanding in what you need Curvy Goddess.

That is why there should be a plus size workout just for you or a long list of plus size workouts and exercises that are geared to helping you become energetic, strong, and vital!

Since I was 250 lbs. and an ample-sized Curvy Goddess trying to get in shape before being a NYC personal trainer, I understand I couldn’t do the same kinds of exercises as others because of my size…the machines were too small for me and some exercises were just downright impossible.

I hired a string of New York personal trainers and they had no clue on how to train me because they never were in my shoes.

Forget about finding a plus size workout back then. I was alone searching by myself.

Below I’ve come up with a list of problems and then great solutions. Take a look.

Some of the main problems faced by the Curvy Goddess in the gym are:

Problem: Most of the weight machines are not designed for the ample-figured. It’s a one size fits all design.

Solution: Go for free weights or even bodyweight to start. Try my plus size workout, Curvy Goddess Workout if you live in the NYC area and if not then find a very experienced personal trainer in your area who has successfully trained other Curvy Goddesses to show you some basic bodyweight moves.

Problem: Swimming is a recommended exercise because it doesn’t cause stress and strain from added weight on your joints.

Swimming is wonderful if you have access to a pool but many of us don’t.

Another issue may be traipsing around in a bathing suit in public. You’ll be more focused on you being half-naked in public rather than getting yourself healthy and fit.

Solution: Focus on a plus size workout that is easy on the joints and still give you an amazing workout such as Plus Size Pilates and Plus Size Yoga. Both workouts geared to the Curvy Goddess are popping up everywhere in America.

Problem: Upright stationary bikes are not built for the ample Curvy Goddess. The seats are not large enough and are a real challenge in comfort for long sustained workouts.

Solution: Recumbent bikes are a better option. Current recumbent bikes are being designed with larger seats.

Problem: Walking. This is a simple exercise that can be done anywhere, right? But it seems that walking is being plugged as the forever plus size workout solution.

Solution: Walking is a good start but don’t stop there. After getting in the groove of exercising as walking being your exercise of choice expand your horizons and branch out to other plus size workouts.

So you see there isn’t just one plus size workout for the Curvy Goddess but a number of options to get you fit and healthy. Your body will be energetic and happy once you decide to get moving!

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

7 Responses to Plus Size Workout – Exercise Just for the Curvy Goddess?

  1. Hey girlfriend, I love where you’re coming from. If you’d like a copy of my new DVD for review, Big Yoga Flex-Ability, I’d love to send it to you. It’s a simple practice to get the curvy body ready for more vigorous exercize or Yoga.

    You don’t have to be too rich or too thin ( or too flexible) to enjoy the benefits of yoga!

  2. this is what i’ve been searching for..i find myself going to the gym but when i arrive and look at the in shape, tone, muscle out members, i get discourage and don’t finish the membership…can u please send me info on how can i order the DVD….

  3. Would love to know if you do a workout dvd.I think it would be awesome to have something for us fluffy girls who want to have the health benifits of exercise but would like to keep some of our curves. Just tone them up. I’m not comfortable going to the gym & can’t afford a personal trainer.

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