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The Premier Plus Size Workout – Curvy Goddess Workout, Crystal Series, Workout 1

Welcome to the Premier Plus Size Workout on video, Curvy Goddess Workout. Each video is approximately 10 minutes long. I have a natural pace on the videos but I want you to focus on your natural pace. Don’t try to keep up with me. I want your movements to be conscious and controlled, making sure that you’re in touch with what you’re feeling when you’re doing the movements.

I’d like you to start with 3 days/week with both Part 1 and 2. You may do the workouts everyday if you wish. Don’t be preoccupied with having to take a day break to rest body parts etc. etc. They are 10 min. long — very short and sweet. The focus for the Crystal Series is to get the body used to just moving again — how it’s designed to do.

Part 1 of this premier plus size workout is a fat-burning, strength training exercise circuit training routine; on your feet. You’ll learn the basics and you build from there. It’s all about gradual progression to build strength and stamina and prevent injury.

Equipment Needed: Plus Size Workout Equipmentplus size workout

Fat Burning Video – Part 1:

  • A pair of dumbbells (1-3 lbs.)
  • Chair or Workout Bench

    Exercise #1: Sit Down, Stand Up 12-15x (You may intensify the movement by holding the dumbbells and/or bringing your arms up when you stand up.)

    Exercise #2: Modified Lunges with Hammer Curl 10x both side (Step Forward w/one leg, Hammer Curl then Step Back to Beginning Position)

    Exercise #3: Side Step and Crouch 10x both side

    You want to go through this set of 3 exercises back-to-back to keep heart rate up for fat burning and cardiovascular results.

    Equipment Needed: Plus Size Workout Equipmentplus size workout

    Part 2 of the Curvy Goddess Workout is all about core strengthening movements on the floor incorporating Pilates-like exercises.

    Firming Video – Part 2:

    • Mat
    • Pilates Ring

      Exercise #1: Inner Thigh Squeezes with Pilates Ring 15x
      Exercise #2: Bridges keeping Pilates Ring between the Thighs 15x
      Exercise #3: Single Knee Pulls 10x (be sure to count both sides as 1)

      Thanks for trying out this plus size workout designed just for you!

      Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

3 Responses to The Premier Plus Size Workout – Curvy Goddess Workout, Crystal Series, Workout 1

  1. You know you never cease to amaze me with your generosity of person and knowledge. Thank you very much for these videos. This a great way to ease a self professed lazy butt into working out. Like you said quick easy 10 minutes. A month of this will get me into the habit of working out and looking forward building in more time to do more work. Thank you Thank you

  2. Hi
    I’m really happy to see that someone has a workout for plus size people. They are really easy movements to do But one thing you didn’t mention is,breathing. That is very important while working out please mention this, because not everyone knows. I was one that didn’t know how to breath while working out. And didn’t have the energy to get pass 5 minutes. Keep up the good work and keep the health info coming. God bless you Curvy Goddess.

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