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Workouts Women Love – Plus Size Yoga; An Exercise For the Curvy Goddess

Workouts Women Love - Plus Size Yoga
Plus Size Yoga
One of the popular plus size workouts women enjoy is plus size yoga. Plus Size Yoga is cropping up everywhere in America and for good reason.

Yoga has been part of the fitness mainstream for quite some time because there are so many benefits to this fitness modality.

Yoga stretches tight muscles, builds body awareness, improves muscular endurance, and teaches body, mind, and spirit integration.

I remember years ago before becoming a NYC personal trainer and trying to expand my fitness horizons, so I thought, I’d try yoga to build flexibility.

I heard from others who were svelte and in–shape that yoga was beneficial and amazing. I was 250 pounds back then.

I still remember my experience, attempting to form my 250 pound body into pretzel-like shapes, or so it felt.

It was uncomfortable.

I could hardly breathe being upside down with my stomach in the way going through the various contortions.

I never went back.

But it seems yoga is now attracting the plus size audience who is finding out that yoga can be a fun way to exercise AND relax.

And yoga has a specialized format geared to the plus size audience so that all of those issues that I had many years ago have been addressed.

We’ve come a long, long way baby and we’re going even further the more we voice what we want and what we like.

So why is plus size yoga different and why is it one of the workouts women choose to incorporate into their routine?

There are so many Curvy Goddesses who have so much confidence and “PAH DOW” in their strides that I look up to this way of being and I applaud them.

But there are so many of us other Curvy Goddesses who have not arrived to this attitude or way of being.

For those Curvy Goddesses, it emphasizes body awareness through conscious, slow movement.

Trying out a workout in a group setting for the first time, plus size yoga is a great choice.

Do you remember the horrors of gym class in elementary school? Well I do. And the trauma carried over to my adult years.

I avoided any type of exercise and sport in a group setting.

So having a supportive group setting at workout sessions is a must or the horrors will surface again.

That terrified 8 year old girl will re-surface in front of a douche-bag of a trainer or fitness instructor.

Plus Size Yoga is a non-competitive sport so there are no winners or losers.

It emphasizes self-acceptance which makes it more appealing, a less intimidating way to get active.

Yoga stresses a non-judgmental emphasis on body awareness.

Perfect for the Curvy Goddess who is a little bit apprehensive about being around others while exercising.

The Added Benefits of Plus Size Yoga Workouts Women Receive

Traditional sports tend to focus on strength and speed over flexibility.

Many workouts women choose overlook the importance of stretching.

Yoga can help build muscular endurance and flexibility, thereby improving day-to-day function that could be a challenge for the Curvy Goddess.

We live in a very fast paced world and many of us are conditioned to react quickly building tension and reacting to stress in a negative and unmanageable way.

Yoga can teach you how to stay calm, centered, and focused in the midst of distraction, letting your body relax.

It can teach you how to manage daily stresses that are inevitable in your life.

Plus Size Yoga, one of the few workouts women love because it not only will benefit the physical aspect, Curvy Goddess, but will also teach you to integrate the mind and spirit with the body. Try it and if it’s for you keep it in your body shaping/fitness routine once a week along with a more vigorous workout like Curvy Goddess Workout.

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

6 Responses to Workouts Women Love – Plus Size Yoga; An Exercise For the Curvy Goddess

  1. Plus size yoga is a great way to shape up both mind and body. Low impact and a perfect way to get the blood circulating to body and mind. Here are some great resources to help you on your way
    Plus Size Yoga clothes –
    If you can’t find a class near you – check out the videos/books available online, the book “Big Yoga”

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