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Plus Size Workout – 5 Classic Excuses You Use to Not Exercise

Do you hate exercise?

Is it time to begin a plus size workout regimen, Curvy Goddess? A part of you really wants to get in firm curvy shape but there seems to always be at least one reason and usually a few reasons that will stop you from achieving this goal.

Being a NYC Personal Trainer for over 11 years I’ve heard almost everything.

Over the years, I’m sure you have been making up plenty of excuses to avoid exercising.

We’ll take a look at some of the classic excuses for not exercising that I hear and are far too common and see if we can nix the excuses…this time.

Some of these excuses are creative, some are ridiculous, but most are in a group of classic excuses used everyday to justify not having to make the effort to improve health and well-being.

How often have you done this? You’re going to start exercising and start getting in shape and you just have to start on a Monday but it’s Tuesday so you wait another 6 days to start your new plus size workout regimen?

Can you relate? Yep…I sure can.

So that was two weeks ago and you still haven’t started yet?

I have had “almost” clients who will call me and are so enthusiastic about starting. On the phone, I truly believe they do understand that most of their poor fitness level comes from not exercising; that’s why their back goes out or they can’t climb a flight of stairs without becoming winded, or they have really, really bad knees.

But somehow after the heart-felt talk I don’t see them at the fitness studio movin’ and groovin’.

They just don’t follow through.

That’s all they need to do…is to show up.

Well, maybe this has happened so many times, you stopped counting.

Maybe this has even happened to you more times than you can remember.

Well, what’s stopping you?

I’ve listed some of the classic excuses that most of us use that destroy our fitness aspirations.

And I’ve also listed some really great ways to help you see that these problems and obstacles are truly EXCUSES.

Classic Excuse #1 ==> I don’t have the time to exercise.

Rebuttal ==> I always tell my clients who have started to slack or those who say they will start training with me but use this one as their excuse; that we have 24 hours in the day.

We sleep 8 hours.

Get ready for work; that’s 2 hours.

Work 8 – 10 hours.

You have 4 hours left.

You’re watching TV? Watch a little less…

You have more down time on the weekends; for most of us.

Now do you see some time opening up for a plus size workout?

Exercise doesn\’t have to be in the gym

Classic Excuse #2 ==> I can’t afford to pay for a personal trainer or I can’t afford to pay for a gym membership.

Rebuttal ==> Hmmmm…the fact is, you can get in better shape and lose weight without ever setting foot in a gym.

Walking around your neighborhood or in the local park doesn’t cost a dime and will give you all of the benefits of a cardio workout at the gym.

Doing bodyweight exercises such as crunches, squats, lunges, and planks at home cost nothing.

Home fitness equipment can also be purchased that will give you a good resistance workout for under $50.00 such as resistance tubing bands and an exercise ball.

Classic Excuse #3 ==> I don’t know how to exercise or I don’t know what exercises to do that are effective.

Rebuttal ==> Using the services of a qualified, certified personal trainer is the best way to get you going in the right direction.

You don’t have to commit to hiring a fitness expert for a lifetime but having someone for a couple of months will get you going in the right direction.

If affordability is an issue with a trainer, group personal training is available everywhere.

That is one of the reasons why I created the plus size workout, Curvy Goddess Workout LIVE in NYC.

Instead of charging up to $100/hr you can get 3 workouts for that price with the quality and focus that is comparable to one-on-one personal training.

Workout videos and books are other avenues to checkout.

Classic Excuse #4 ==> I’m too old and/or too heavy to start exercising.

Rebuttal ==> This excuse is really only valid if your doctor has told you that you should not exercise for some medical reason.

If you are very out of shape or you are a senior citizen, then you may just have to start out slowly.

Starting out with only 10-15 minutes a day of exercise and slowly increasing the time gradually is much better than doing no exercise at all.

If my 81 year old client is exercising I just can’t fathom why you can’t.

Classic Excuse #5 ==> I hate anything to do with exercise.

Rebuttal ==> When I hear this then I think, “Ok, this Curvy Goddess has had negative experiences with exercise. What else can it be?”

The old adage of “no pain, no gain” is still embedded in the minds of many people, and who wants to have to go through pain every day to get in better shape?

Exercise is really all about getting active and getting your body moving.

Curvy Goddess getting her workout on!

There so many plus size workout routines out there, from plus size yoga, to Pilates, to Curvy Goddess Workout.

You can even learn how to swing on a pole like a stripper while getting in-shape for gosh sakes.

Just find activities that you like to do and you will find that exercise can be fun.

Making the time to spend even 30 minutes a day to get active, and get yourself more healthy and fit will by far be the best thing you can do for yourself.

Ok, no more excuses. The time is now. Now say, “Plus Size Workout, here I come! I’m going to get myself into firm and sleek Curvy Goddess status in no time!”

Until next time, Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

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  1. I feel think good to be only hard to how learn for body weight lose with too fitness and struggling to get fight for not feeling motivation.

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