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Weight Loss Band – How Weight Loss Surgery Changes Your Body

Radiant Curvy Goddess
Understand that having a weight loss band or any other weight loss surgery isn’t a quick fix that allows you to jump right back into your old routines without making any lifestyle changes. The more invasive the surgery, the more changes you’ll need to make to accommodate your new stomach.

Health professionals will give you a variety of dietary changes you must make immediately after surgery. Make sure you follow their guidance.

Below I’ve listed several changes your body will go through after surgery.

Changes from Weight Loss Band and Gastric Band Surgery

Lap or gastric band surgery will require that you consider your stomach as a baby stomach.

It will never hold more than 4 to 6 ounces at each meal.

Having a baby stomach forces you to change your eating habits dramatically. You must cut your small meals into small bites and chew very slowly.

The doctor also will prescribe protein and vitamin shakes to add extra nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are being missed from the very low calorie diet.

You may also need to puree foods for the first few weeks until your body learns how to handle solid foods.

Those with the weight loss band or gastric band find that they lose between one to three pounds a week.

This may cause feelings of hunger as the stomach begins to heal.

After six to eight weeks, the doctor may fill the band with saline to tighten the band and help speed up weight loss.

Each time this happens, you’ll need to help your stomach relearn how to handle solid foods.

Things you may experience with the gastric band include vomiting, nausea, and bleeding.

Changes from Gastric Bypass Surgery

This invasive surgery makes your stomach the size of a walnut and it takes a considerable amount of time to get your body used to its new stomach.

Weight loss in the first few months is quick, and your body can experience a myriad of side effects and changes.

Vomiting and stomach pain is a common occurrence for the first few months after surgery.

The stomach is not only relearning how to eat but going through the recovery process at the same time.

This surgery can also cause flu like symptoms, thinning hair, mood changes, dry skin and loose, extra saggy skin from the rapid weight loss.

There seems to be a long list of negative side effects from the weight loss band and other weight loss surgeries in hopes that positive body changes will occur.

Within the first two years, many people report a decrease in cholesterol and blood pressure, improvement with Type 2 diabetes, and a reduction in gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Coming from a fitness background I see other options that are a lot less risky but also will take a little longer to see results.

We live in a world where we’re programmed to expect to see fast almost instant results.

Doctors are pushing and advocating weight loss surgery to many who seem to rely on doctors for health and fitness and weight loss advice not knowing that they have no sufficient knowledge in these areas.

Mental and Emotional Changes

Other changes that may occur will be mental and emotional. If the mental and emotional issues are handled, then the physical changes will give you an increased level of body confidence after the surgery.

The increased mobility, ability to buy smaller clothes, and the feeling that not everyone is judging you based on your weight helps improve mental health.

For those who have not dealt with mental and emotional issues because of their weight, negative experiences will more likely occur.

One negative phenomenon found in some weight loss surgery patients is called “addiction transfer” or “addiction transference” where the food addiction is transferred to another addiction such as alcohol, shopping, sex, or gambling.

It shows that the weight loss band and other types of weight loss surgery are not a cure-all for weight loss and the cause of obesity is more than the theory that the obese are eating too much and are lazy. Are there other options?

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

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