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Plus Size Workout – Improving Your Life Through Fitness

Healthy and Happy Woman
Healthy and Happy Curvy Goddess
A plus size workout regimen is a great way create a healthier and happier lifestyle. Your diet can go a long way, but it is just part of the overall picture. Being active and staying in-shape no matter your size can take you even further.

The couch potato lifestyle can fulfill the instant gratification factor for you and me, Curvy Goddess, but although as unsatisfying and gratifying it may seem in the beginning of starting a fitness program you are showered with endless rewards.

Physical Benefits

It’s of course obvious that a plus size workout regimen will improve your body physically.

Most of us will start a routine when we’ve just had it with how our bodies look.

So body aesthetics has been and always will be a motivating factor for us to get in-shape.

As you exercise especially incorporating a strength training exercise, your body will develop tone and muscle, increasing your metabolic rate so you’re able to burn more calories at rest.

You’ll also burn calories during your plus size workout routine.

I know that through personal experience and listening to the feedback from my Curvy Goddesses taking my Curvy Goddess Workout, it’s always difficult in the beginning in a couple of ways.

It’s difficult getting motivated enough to sign-up for the plus size workouts.

It’s difficult attending and it seems to be a little challenging going through the first plus size workout. But I and my Curvy Goddesses have never regretted starting.

They always thank me and they are so proud of themselves for following through.

The first few days, you’ll probably feel tired and sore immediately after the workout. But you’ll soon start to notice that you’re pumped up and more eager to go out and do something instead of plopping down on the couch.

Mobility and stamina are improved within a couple of weeks if you’re consistent.

Your body gets the extra oxygen it needs from physical activity and begins to function the way it was designed – all the way down to the cellular level.

Who wants to have a difficult time and in pain walking up a flight of stairs? I don’t. And you don’t have to.

I’ve also noticed that my Curvy Goddesses have so much energy after a few weeks, no matter what age.

Fountain of Youth
Exercise - The Fountain of Youth
I have Curvy Goddesses in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s getting their groove on with Curvy Goddess Workout.

One of my Curvy Goddesses even graduated to rock climbing. I met her when she had a limp to her step and I worked with her to get her leaping up stairs all at the age of 50.

We all know being fit may extend your lifespan by preventing heart conditions and other stress-related illnesses.

It may also improve the quality of your golden years, because your body is in much better condition.

I have the unique experience of seeing and comparing clients who start working with me.

I am not surprised that usually the ones who have exercised on a regular basis throughout their lives take less medication and are stronger and fitter than those who have never exercised or haven’t ever incorporated exercise into their lives.

The fit ones also look strikingly younger than their age.

My observations are my personal observations and may not be set in stone but I believe there’s something to this.

Regular exercise is “The Fountain of Youth” that we seem to ignore and it’s NEVER too late to start.

Psychological Benefits

Working out has obvious physical benefits, but it also has psychological rewards.

When you’re in better shape, you feel better about yourself.

Female Boxer
She's Gonna Knock You Out!
If you’re a bit short on self-confidence, a healthy, active lifestyle is the ultimate antidote.

When I’m working out like a Warrior Goddess I’m the ultimate player on my game at all times. My confidence soars and I feel unstoppable.

When you exercise, your body produces endorphins, the “feel good hormone.”

So exercising brings you a feeling of well-being and a happier mental attitude.

I sometimes even get the giggles when I’m in the middle of working out hard; right in the middle of my boxing combinations.

The extra oxygen also relaxes you while the activity helps rid of pent-up stress. The result: a happier, relaxed, stress-free you!

And I sleep like a baby.

Emotional Benefits

With the boost in confidence, your outlook on life will improve and you’ll feel more hopeful about your future.

Exercise also gives you a great way to vent any frustration or anger you may have. If you’ve had a bad day at work, a bike ride, a Curvy Goddess Workout session or any other plus size workout will allow you to channel all that negative energy into something positive.

If you have access to a punching bag, working the bag for a while is another great way to release frustration.

Curvy Confidence
Social Benefits

Working out is much easier when you have other Curvy Goddesses who have the same goals. A group will ensure that you stay on track instead of putting off the workout. That is the major reason why I created Curvy Goddess Workout in a non-gym environment.

Being physically fit can also lead to more romantic options because of your confidence level and “Love-Yourself” attitude.

A More Fulfilling Life

The biggest hurdle you face is getting started. Instead of making excuses, keep thinking about all you have to gain with a lifestyle that supports the creation of a new you.

Stick with it until you find yourself craving those plus size workouts and feeling like something’s missing when you miss one. If you choose a healthy lifestyle, starting today, your life will never be the same.

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

25 Responses to Plus Size Workout – Improving Your Life Through Fitness

  1. I’m going to meditate and read self help books some more while listening to music with eucalyptus oil burning in my room, then I am going to do my belly dancing video, and I can’t wait for my gospel video workout to come in, so I can follow up with my mantra, my body is the divine temple of godliness and I worship it. The workout video to constantly remind of this, so I focus, focus, hocus pro us!

  2. My plan for the week is prayer and meditation, walking, Pilates and strength training. Thank you for the encouragement!

  3. This week I will Listen to Meditate/Pray (List A), Cook a new healthy meal using fresh produce & Take a walk (List B). Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  4. This week I am going to the gym (just got done with it on my lunch break) and going for a walk. And then I’m going out with a good friend to look at some art and enjoy some much needed “girl time” looking cute 🙂

  5. I went shopping for myself and am walking at lunch time so that there is no excuse regarding the kids when I get home. Thanks for a positive place where we can share our ups and downs. God Bless….and Curvy Goddesses Rock!

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