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[VIDEO] Plus Size Workout Routines, Good Food, and Healthy Living Affirmations Can Nix My Bad Habits

Fit and Glowing
The following affirmations about incorporating a plus size workout and overall healthy living will hopefully inspire you to take action. I love all of you my fellow Curvy Goddesses of the World and to you I am grateful of being able to see your courage every moment of the day.

I have access to a vast library of knowledge about life, and with this knowledge I can destroy my bad habits with good food, plus size workouts, and great healthy living.

It takes courage and strength to make a positive lifestyle change, but I am fully confident that I will see great success in my life because I am a beautiful Curvy Goddess.

I no longer want to live in fear of habits that give me instant gratification but prolong the bad, empty, and unhealthy feelings. I want to enjoy my life now and in the years to come. The only way to do this is to make positive choices. I want to live a long and full life.

The world is addicted to things that are not good for it. It may seem as though no one cares for the consequences, but I am not among that number. I am CHOOSING change.

I hold no reservations about my decision to start a plus size workout routine because I know it will only make me stronger, healthy and feel better. It is time to stop and truly listen and answer to what I want and need to be happy, healthy, and fit.

I want to set an example for others. I want to be accountable for the actions that count. I aim to be the person who speaks out about my bad habits and addictions and replace them with a plus size workout regimen and good whole foods and long to see others follow in my footsteps.

For too long, we have been a nation that looks for the quick way out. I won’t join in the long line of fast food and bagged packaged processed “foods”, but instead, I choose a new of living. I embrace it.

I have no regrets for the decision I have made. Rather, it has given me a renewed outlook on life that I so very much deserve. I am a Curvy Goddess and I deserve to be loved by me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do to change my bad habits?
2. How will I use my new experience to help others?
3. What else can I do besides incorporating a plus size workout routine and eating good food to live a healthy life?

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

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