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NYC Personal Trainer – 3 Principles for Overcoming Fitness Obstacles

Obstacles Are a Part of Life
As a NYC Personal Trainer for over 11 years I see that fitness obstacles are all about perspective, a barrier that clients cannot get through.

For most people one of their goals or desires in life is to be in shape, lose weight, or change their body appearance into an attractive one.

The journey seems to be a difficult one for most not only because of a myriad of barriers; health problems, past physical injuries, time management, and just plain psychological fear.

Obstacles are a part of life and the best way to overcome those obstacles is to accept and to destroy them by shifting your perception of the experience.

As a NYC personal trainer I have the unique perspective of seeing my client’s situation in a more objective perspective.

And from having clients that I work with for 11 years of my fitness career I came with 3 basic principles that will help some of you to destroy or at least will chip away the fear and other barriers that will get in the way of what you really want for your Self and your body.

Principle #1 Move through the Fear

I’m sure everyone will agree that most of our challenges our in our minds meaning most of the challenges show up as fear which originates from our minds.

Most fitness obstacles are based on what we think we cannot do.

I have seen that many times throughout my career as a NYC personal trainer.

So how do we go about conquering those fears?

We move through it by taking small steps in action that we thought we could never accomplish.

Ideally having a patient, firm, yet empathetic personal trainer will help.

You train your mind by taking small steps, going through the fear and the result will be accomplishment and personal power.

I think guiding the client through visualization and/or positive self-talk helps and builds a fortress of self-confidence and positive attitude.

Don’t forget that your body is a miracle and it belongs to you and only you.

Principle #2 Trust Your Self

Let’s go back to a time where we truly trusted ourselves and that inner voice that we have.

You need that inner voice to speak loud and clear when overcoming your fitness obstacles.

Our first inclination is to look to someone outside ourselves to tell us what do next.

I was fortunate to have a mentor in a talented NYC personal trainer to guide me.

Having a gifted personal trainer is a plus but the very good ones will guide you in getting you to trust yourself physically and mentally.

Your higher truth lies within you.

Ask yourself how you feel about the obstacle.

What are your instincts telling you?

Often, if you really listen your instinct will help you shift into a totally new mindset.

Principle #3 Choose Life Over Fear of death

Honestly, what is the fear?

What are you afraid of that is so horrifying that it will make you stop from achieving your fitness goals?

It really comes from this primal fear; fear of death. Once you realize that the fear is stopping you from truly living, from accomplishing your goals, it can be utmost liberating!

Bottom Line: Choose Life over Death.

Being paralyzed from fear keeps us from living our lives and living out our Greatness.

Truly Living and Feeling Free Knows No Boundaries.

In conclusion: Life Beyond The Boundaries.

Look for role models, be it your NYC personal trainer or fellow Curvy Goddesses for instance. They are everywhere! Look around you.

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

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