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The Premier Plus Size Workout – Curvy Goddess Workout, Crystal Series, Workout 3

Welcome to the Premier Plus Size Workout, Curvy Goddess Workout on video. This is workout 3 of the Crystal Series. Each video is approximately 10 minutes long. I have a natural pace on the videos but I want you to focus on your natural pace. Don’t try to keep up with me. I want your movements to be conscious and controlled, making sure that you’re in touch with what you’re feeling when you’re doing the movements.

Let’s increase the frequency to 4-5 days/week with both Part 1 and 2. You may do the plus size workouts everyday if you wish. Don’t be preoccupied with having to take a day break to rest body parts etc. They are 10 min. long — very short and sweet. The focus for the Crystal Series is to get the body used to just moving again — how it’s designed to be.

It’s all about gradually increasing the intensity of your plus size workout routines and not going to extremes. The Biggest Loser television series is a poor example of what a plus size woman should be doing in her workouts. You must understand that those routines are not conducive to safe and effective physical transformation for the Curvy Goddess.

Equipment Needed: Plus Size Workout Equipment

Fat Burning Video – Part 1:

  • Resistance Band – Medium
  • Pair of Dumbbells (3-5 lbs)
  • Chair or Workout Bench

Exercise #1: In this plus size workout, you’re going to learn how to do a squat. Have a bench or chair behind you. Bend down and back like you’re about to sit on the chair but don’t. Just lightly touch it with your butt. Stand Up bringing the arms up when you stand up. (You may intensify the movement by holding the dumbbells.)

Exercise #2: Wood Chops – Holding one dumbbell with both hands. Get into a wide-leg stance and bring your upper half through the legs then reach high up, feeling extension in the spine.

Exercise #3: Standing Resistance Band Rows (Stand in the middle of bands to secure in place. Cross the handles and bend over pulling back and squeezing the shoulder blades together.)

You want to go through the 3 exercises back-to-back to keep heart rate up for fat burning and cardiovascular results.

Equipment Needed:

Firming Video – Part 2:

  • Mat
  • Pilates Ring

Exercise #1: Inner Thigh Squeezes with Pilates Ring in a table top position
Exercise #2: Push-up Position (on your knees) Holding just for about 20 sec. NOT THAT LONG
Exercise #3: Bridges keeping Pilates Ring between the Thighs
Exercise #4: Taps (Bring Knees into Chest – Alternating)

Make sure you comment below so I know if you liked it or how to improve on the plus size workouts. Hope you enjoy plus size workout, Curvy Goddess Workout on video.

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

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