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Sleeping with the Enemy

Sleeping With My Enemy
Yes I did. I slept with the enemy. I actually had an on-going relationship that lasted too long. And I knew that he was the enemy in the first two weeks of my snuggling with him in the enemy’s camp.

He was all about appearances and respected superficial beauty and power in the form of pretentious wealth expressed through luxury cars, homes, and beauty created from a doctor’s scalpel.

I’m not sure how I got past the enemy line but I passed for some time. He saw me as a beautiful woman and was in awe of a perceived glamour, his false perception of who I really am.

What he didn’t know was that I was creating a life around what he loathed.

I found out fast when he blurted out his opinion that he felt was absolute truth. “Fat people are lazy and weak!”

He said it with so much hatred in his voice and his indoor-salon tanned face with tweezed, strategically placed arched eyebrows contorted into a grimace.

That was the beginning of the realization that this was clearly a mismatch.

But I finally had the opportunity to see from my lover-enemy what most of America thought of us.

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