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Plus Size Dating – Should I Join a Plus Size Dating Site Or A Regular Site?

Online Plus Size Dating
When it comes to being a plus size woman and online plus size dating should you stick to the sites catering specifically to plus size women and the men who love and admire them? Or should you venture into the world of online dating on a regular site?

It really is all about personal preference and what you as a plus size dater feel comfortable doing. I actually tried both. And there was no particular difference for me.

I did meet different men.

Some were extremely attracted to me and some were not because it really has to do with chemistry along with long-term compatibility if you’re thinking about a long-term companion.

Am I going to meet some crazies? You may. I did. And on both types of sites, the plus size dating sites and the non plus size dating sites. But then I’ve met some really great, stable, and interesting men also.

What kind of crazies? You wonder.

Some Fetishists Love Big Women with Big Feet
The plus size dating site which I signed-up to only one, I met many men who were fat fetishists.

They were beyond admiration.

Fat fetishists are not my speed just because I’m not part of the BDSM community and I’m not into being objectified by men who get hot and bothered writhing on a fat body covered in oil.

So I’m generalizing. I just am sure that I’m not into this.

Maybe I’m a little too boring and conservative. But I know that I am looking for a long-term companion who doesn’t want me to dress him up in diapers. Yep.

I met a world class opera singer who wanted a dominatrix for a wife and I seemed to be a physical match for the position.

Only one detail that he missed; I don’t like to dominate in the bedroom, or in the dungeon located in our future home basement if I were to agree to his requests.

I like my partner to take over. My role is traditional when it comes to sex.

Okay enough about me. Let’s talk about the two – plus size and non plus size dating sites.

First let’s talk about non plus size dating sites.

If you were asked to name a couple of sites right off the top of your head you’d probably say eHarmony, Cupid and

All three are definitely popular and used by millions.

We aren’t going to take a look at each one of the sites individually but instead we’re going to take a more basic, general route and reference them all at once.

The biggest thing you’re going to find is that there are lots of skinny people on there.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. After all, regardless of our size we all want to find love.

The problem with plus size people joining regular online dating sites is that it can prove challenging and even disheartening to attract the attention of other members.

As your reading through profiles if you don’t have a lot of self-esteem and lots of confidence you can find yourself depressed and sad over profiles you like only to have them write something along the lines of no fat people please or only skinny attractive people need apply or however they may word it.

So now let’s talk about plus size dating sites.

The obvious thing is that there will be plus size people and those that like plus size people as members.

It will be easier to feel more confident about approaching other members because you know size doesn’t matter to them.

You’ll probably have an easier time connecting and getting to know someone than you would at a regular dating site.

So is this just to say that plus size people should steer clear of regular dating sites?

No not at all.

This is just a way to look at the difference between plus size dating sites and regular ones.

In fact after doing a recent survey it was found that 5 out of the 6 plus size people that participated, actually preferred two of the regular dating sites mentioned above – and eHarmony – to any of the plus size dating sites out there!

So that just goes to show it’s all about personal preference and doing what you feel comfortable doing; online plus size dating or regular dating sites. Your choice and so many options!

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

7 Responses to Plus Size Dating – Should I Join a Plus Size Dating Site Or A Regular Site?

  1. I recently dived into the dating club sea and signed up to a couple of standard sites. I really didn’t consider plus size sites specifically as I just associate them with fetishists and like you, I’m not looking for that. Also, I’m sitting here thinking to myself- would I be interested in a man who is so exclusively interested in plus size women that he actually joined a plus size site? Doesn’t that suggest a certain degree of fetishism anyway, even if the guy is sincere? Not sure…. maybe I’m thinking about it too much…..
    Deena recently posted..When is a stripe not a stripeMy Profile

  2. I’m speaking for other women like me, when i ask “Why would i bother wanting to resign myself to eating a lifetime of lettuce, when i can date a more chubby guy who i can eat anything with”? I don’t fancy a protein shake first thing in the morning. I’d want toast with butter, and some nice hot coffee. No to the thin life.

  3. I’m a thin woman, but not by choice. As i have a metabolism defect. I would like to be curvier. I don’t want to spend my life with a thin guy who constantly flexes his abs in the mirror, or talks about how he managed to eat a chocolate mousse without feeling overly ill. I blame it on the media and society. Just cos these influences are on tv, doesn’t mean i have to conform to any of them. It’s my choice. We listen to stuck-up people way too much.

  4. I met the love of my life on He actually specified that he preferred plus size and curvy women. I am thankful every single day that I stuck it out and weeded out the men from plus size sites and match. I have some people I would call friend and others I had to block and one I have a restraining order against (some men can be beyond enthusiast and are stalkers) but that happens on any site. You have to do your due diligence, it doesn’t matter what your size is. My boyfriend had a long laundry list of what he wanted so his options were actually smaller! Love is worth the effort. He was most certainly worth mine!

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