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[VIDEO] Plus Size Workout Body Affirmations – My Weight Is Just A Number

I Go By How I Feel Not By The Number On The Scale
You’ve incorporated a plus size workout regimen and eating right; doing all the positive things that will make you see changes in your body soon enough but you’re still a slave to that stupid scale.

Being a NYC personal trainer I see the fixation of my clients and other colleagues from the number on the scale.

It can be complusive and frustrating when we choose the scale as the ruler of our progress.

There are other many other methods that will give you not only an accurate reading of your physical transformation progress but will place you in a positive place.

Below are affirmations that will help you get into that place where you’ll understand that your weight shown on the scale is JUST a number and won’t tell you how good you feel from your plus size workout or the little metabolic changes that are happening to your body on a cellular level.

My health is improving every day. I choose to focus on the positive direction I am heading instead of holding myself to an unreasonable standard of what is beautiful. With healthy eating and a plus size workout regimen, I feel more energetic and confident every day.

I look great! I am more beautiful every day, inside and out. Instead of holding myself to the standard of today’s supermodel, I choose to notice the features of my body that are already beautiful. I celebrate the daily victories that come from my healthy lifestyle!

When I see improvements in strength, flexibility, and energy from my plus size workout and chosen healthy meal plans, I am excited about the journey to that improvement. I think of how wonderful and miraculous my body really is.

Predefined standards limit my chance to enjoy life and celebrate who I am as a Curvy Goddess. The opinions of others play no part in how I feel about myself. Instead, I choose to love myself and think happy thoughts about who I am.

My partner loves the way I look and I receive compliments about my shape all the time. I am grateful for these comments, but even without them, I know that I am beautiful.

Today, I look in the mirror and compliment myself on my beautiful, full-figured shape. I am content with my appearance; therefore the number on the scale means nothing to me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are my most attractive physical features?
2. What steps such as a plus size workout regimen and healthy meal plans can I take today to improve my health?
3. How can I strengthen my self-image?

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

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