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Plus Size Dating – Do Plus Size Men Want To Date Plus Size Women?

The Adventures Of Online Dating
When it comes to plus size dating, being a plus size woman one question that always seems to be in the back of the mind is – do men like big, curvy girls? For the sake of this article we aren’t just referring to men in general but we’re going to focus on the plus size men.

After going through a survey where several men participated it was evident that now a days men just want a real woman. What does that mean? Real women come in all shapes and sizes and whenever I hear this term I kind of get turned off.

Real women as opposed to the plastic blow-up versions?

In this plus size dating survey when these men were asked to explain their definition of what a real woman meant to them the general answer was a woman with curves, someone that had some meat on their bones.

Obviously their answers differed when they expanded on that answer and there’s no right or wrong here.

The conclusion that was drawn up from these men’s answers was that a curvaceous plus size woman appealed to them more than a stick thin ‘Hollywood’ wanna be.

Another theme that appeared among the results of this plus size dating survey was that these men find curvaceous, voluptuous women with a positive attitude attractive.

They want a woman, regardless of how plus size she is, to be comfortable in her own skin and feel beautiful the way she is.

The men went on to say that it’s the women like this that are most intriguing to them because these women ‘radiate’ sexiness and attractiveness to them.

So with all that being said you may think it’s only natural that a plus size man would be drawn to and want to date a bigger woman. That’s not always the case.

A few of the men that participated in the plus size dating survey said that regardless of the fact they are large themselves they don’t find a larger woman attractive because to them a plus size woman isn’t healthy and doesn’t take care of herself.

I actually think this attitude is a bit obnoxious and there is no time to convince this category of men otherwise. Move on Sistah!

It was hard to understand their reasoning behind that statement considering they are plus size themself.

But it just goes to show that not all plus size men are interested or attracted to plus size women! And not all plus size men are the choice candidate for the sexy Curvy Goddess.

So when it comes to plus size dating, even though there were a few men that said they preferred to not date plus size women the results of this plus size dating survey showed that most plus size men do prefer a bigger woman.

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

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