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[VIDEO] Plus Size Workout – Finding Your Real Beauty from Within with Diet and Exercise

Big and Beautiful
It’s time for your plus size workout for the day. What is the main reason you go through your plus size workout? As a NYC personal trainer for over 11 years through observation there seems to be a common truth when it comes to diet and exercise. Noone really loves or embraces the process fully but we all love the results if we follow through until the very end.

I believe that too many of us focus too much on the external results through the diet and plus size workout process.

We have this unrealistic image and desire of what we should be.

If we could only lose weight and attain our goal then we will be beautiful and that’s when we start living our lives.

As a NYC personal trainer I’ve seen it time and time again.

Our culture is obsessed with external beauty, the perfect body. If there is one message that should be emphasized it should be: “Work with what you’ve got!”

Going through your plus size workout routine and eating healthy is more about being healthier, more energetic, and happier. When this occurs than that natural beauty will shine through.

As a NYC personal trainer I’ve noticed that the clients who stick to their plus size workout exercise and diet routines consistently are the ones who are happy with themselves.

I know when a client is going to quit when she expresses to me how unhappy she looks and is very critical about the way she looks.

Working with what you’ve got is the key to amazing results from the gym, the fitness studio, and with your NYC personal trainer.

I definitely don’t agree with the philosophy of finding more motivation through pain and unhappiness.

Focusing on being happy now while you’re in the process of dieting and exercising with your NYC personal trainer or even on your own will give you a higher success rate.

Being unhappy can create so many problems that are not conducive to your health and fitness program.

Many of us will overeat or eat the wrong things when we are in pain, depressed, confused, or uncertain.

We also are less likely to motivate ourselves to move our bodies with our plus size workout when we’re depressed.

See that this diet and plus size workout program is a vehicle for you to be the best person you can be, a gift for yourself to show the world who you really are.

Accept the glorious person you are.

For most of us this seems to be a very difficult process but it is definitely worth it.

Depression seems to be a common reason why most of us gain weight or why we are unable to lose the weight.

By accepting who you are, you will feel in total control with your life and your destiny.

This will give you complete freedom to design the life and body that you desire.

We buy into this illusion of the scale being the deciding factor of whether we are worthy or not.

The scale is NOT King.

Once you’ve reached acceptance of yourself you’ll be able to see clearly how the weight scale is just a weight loss measurment tool and nothing else.

We do not need a nation filled with size 0 women.

We lack a nation filled with women who are in love with themselves and have a high sense of self-awareness.

That is what we truly need.

From 11 years of being a NYC personal trainer, I believe that finding the beauty within is one of the most important messages while going through a diet and plus size workout program. Love yourself and love the process. It can be an exciting one and more fulfilling than if the focus is just on getting rid of cellulite thighs.

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

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