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Integration – Finding Balance in The World of the Curvy Goddess

The Happy Curvy Goddess
One of my lessons for this lifetime is all about integration. What is that you’re wondering? Well the term applying to my life and yours is about bringing all important major aspects in your life together to form or create a balanced, fulfilling life. It sounds really wonderful but it can get messy, confusing, and overwhelming. Integration is a process. I should emphasize process.

My major priorites as a Curvy Goddess, empowered woman are in the realm of Love, Career, and Physical Transformation.

After coming from a recent history of disappointments in the love department, I finally cleaned house.

The old boyfriend who I referred to as “The Enemy” in one of my recent posts in The Curvy Goddess Chronicles is out of my life.

The thought of having a boyfriend who couldn’t embrace this Curvy Goddess was a bitter disappointment.

The great potential in him is just plain potential, not activated.

And that my fellow Curvy Goddess is crucial.

When you see “the potential” in a man, you and probably only you, can see all of his hidden virtues and talents.

Today I challenge you to attract that man who is not a man of great potential but self-actualized, empowered, evolved and is able to make you feel alive right now.

He is a beautiful reflection of you.

I’ve made room for that man.

Another aspect of my life that is important to me is my career as fitness professional.

In the past recent weeks from a boom in my business I’ve learned that to master balance I must step back from the career department and learn to say “NO” and see that my personal life is just as important as my career.

I grew up being taught that performance, achievement, and education were everything to being an individual empowered woman in the world of men.

I still remember time and time again how I was taught to never depend on a man for anything.

I truly believe that this message has affected me to this day.

Seeking Balance
But I must remember that I can always re-program myself and adopt other beliefs to my choosing based on how I’d like to design my life.

The last aspect that I’m integrating is my physical tranformation.

I help others achieve physical transformation, wellness, and health and it’s about time that I revisit my own physical goals.

I’ve explored a couple of 12-Step programs for my eating issues which at this time I don’t seem to have any.

Have I fully recovered? I’m not sure.

I know that my eating habits have changed dramatically.

I have created a strategy to prevent from overeating by feeding my body with vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, working out 4-5 times a week, and eating a light meal or having a protein shake for dinner.

Dinner is a dangerous time for me in the sense that this moment that lasts about 20 minutes can destroy my health and wellness efforts for the past two days.

Finding balance through integration is not so easy but rewarding. My lifestyle design for having the great, loving guy and the great career and the great fit, curvy body is there for me.

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

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