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Weight Loss for Women – Curvy Goddess Spotlight, Kapua

Curvy Goddess Beauty, Kapua
Another visit to The Curvy Goddess Spotlight. We’re going to talk a bit about weight loss for women methods although they are definitely not exclusive to women. It seems that about 80% dieters are women. We are going to also spotlight young Curvy Goddess, Kapua; painter, photographer, and blogger who is regrouping from the aftermath of the hCG diet program.

The hCG diet is a controversial approach to weight loss. The hormone hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, after which the diet is named) is injected or ingested at a very low dose, combined with a very low calorie diet (VLCD). People who have battled to lose weight for many years have reported this diet successful for them. It was designed in the 1950s and has been modified and re-released.

I can’t really criticize this diet although it didn’t work for me or Kapua because I’ve seen dozens of my friends create new lives with a new healthier body through this program.

Being on this protocol revealed to me the emotional component to why I was overeating.

Though controversial, the HCG Diet has become very popular of late.

If you’re interested in this diet, make sure to take good medical counsel that has had experience and knowledge of the protocol before proceeding with it.

Kapua wrote to me to share her general results on the hCG diet protocol and is creating a new game plan.

She wanted me to give some feedback on her new weight loss for women shape-up plan.

I completely understand where she is because I’ve been on this path myself.

I also have a new game plan and from understanding that if I give myself love and patience while creating a new plan I will enjoy the journey alot more.

Kapua writes:

Hi Diane!

I mentioned that I lost weight via my own tailored weight watchers program some years back… anyway, since I see you as the fitness/Weight Watchers queen I wanted to get your input…

I thought of going back to the Weight Watchers Points System I figured out all those years back… Any advice? I hit a plateau at one point (from eating too many black beans–felt like I was starving but wanted to conserve on points LOL). I’m thinking of eating lots of veggies and some low sugar fruit (along with lean protein, etc but lower carb–low/no refined stuff).

Anyway, I’m also getting back to the gym. I’m very familiar with exercising/etc but am trying to piece it all back together properly after not enjoying the HCG stuff… i am a certified yoga instructor, used to run like 6 miles every other day (but cut down due to my knee/ankle) and am familiar with cross training as the best tool to burn off pounds and inches–combining weights with cardio…

Sorry for the long message but you’re just such an inspiration to me as a strong, healthy, beautiful woman! I’d be so grateful for any/all advice! If there’s anything I can do to balance the scales in exchange for your input, please let me know…

Much Love,

My response:

Hi Kapua!

Thank you for reaching out. Based on your email it seems that you kind of know what to do. I think the challenge really lies with the mental part of us. Setting us up for success especially after the hCG aftermath. Yikes!

I must say that my hCG journey really f’d me up mentally and maybe even physically for some time. After hCG I still expected fast losses but just giving myself the goal of just going through a moderate weight loss process until June has allowed me to really relax into things.

The momentum is slowly increasing but the important thing is it is increasing and I am losing because I’m doing little things and not going to extremes. I don’t have to be the overachiever in losing weight every single week. I can just enjoy it. It makes me want to do more and stick to it.

Because of this one promise to myself of not quitting no matter what, I will probably finally achieve my goal.

Now the logistics. Weight loss for women… Eat whole foods. As much as you can. Drink water. Avoid the scale 6 out of the 7 days of the week. Pamper yourself once a week. Exercise. Focus on resistance training. Circuits really do the job. And I base Curvy Goddess Workout on this type of training. Large muscles groups to keep the heart rate up.

Any questions? Feel free to reach out again.

And thank you for the wonderful compliment. I hope to inspire women by just being me; a real woman.

Artist, Kapua
The process to create weight loss for women is never an easy or straight path. Most of us have experienced that. Make sure to visit Kapua’s blog, Guided By Spirit. Kapua is a true creative Curvy Goddess beauty. You’ll quickly understand how beautiful and passionate she is from reading just a couple of passages.

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

11 Responses to Weight Loss for Women – Curvy Goddess Spotlight, Kapua

  1. Thank you, Diane, for the lovely words… Just to point out to my hCG friends–I am in NO WAY knocking this diet! I do not regret trying it for it brought up a lot of old demons that I didn’t realize were still lingering in my life.

    I just know that for me, I can’t NOT workout (sorry, walking for 30 minutes just doesn’t do it for me) and I don’t want to be on a program so strict and regimented right down to the last molecule… I did OK on the first round but decided I just couldn’t do it 2 weeks into the second round. I feel happier and healthier being off of the diet… Also, I’ve decided to forgo the Weight Watchers system for now as well.

    I’ve been doing well and feeling so much better by being mindful of my eating habits and fitness routines… Also, meditating is essential! Diane’s advice and support truly encouraged me to re-form and reshape my fitness/health goals and I’m so grateful and glad that I reached out to the Ultimate Curvy Goddess! 🙂

    Much Love & Many Blessings,
    Kapua recently posted..Out of Darkness Comes the Light…My Profile

    • I feel the same way about the hCG diet. It had nothing to do with feeling like I was endangering my body. Not at all. But I just could not stick to something so strict even for a short-length of time. Most people who don’t understand this method don’t understand that this is only done for a short-length of time.

      I have to move my body while eating healthier. And believe that overeating is just as unhealthy as undereating. My Dad died from overeating by the way. But yes, for many people undereating kicks in alot of primal fears.

      Thank you so much for sharing your story Kapua!
      The Curvy Goddess recently posted..Weight Loss for Women – Curvy Goddess Spotlight- KapuaMy Profile

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