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The Plus Womens Challenge – 5 Things You Can Do To Bring You to Peace and Acceptance

Finding Peace and Acceptance Curvy Goddess
An all too typical plus womens challenge is focused on bodyweight. Are you annoyed with yourself over your weight? Is how you live your life motivated by the weight on your scale? If your answer is yes, then how does this way of life make you really feel? You are probably like many others searching for the answers to these questions. This seems to be a standard plus womens challenge that leaves alot of Curvy Goddesses perplexed and unhappy in their lives.

How do we lead happy lives in the present moment while being on the path to being healthy and fit Curvy Goddesses?

Listed are five things that you can to do help address the plus womens challenge and bring you peace and acceptance while still working on being healthy, fit, and firm no matter what size.

1. Write down what gives you unrest and then another list of things that you like about your body. The “Unrest” list can be about your big butt, love handles, a large belly, and or just being overweight.

The “Body Love” list can be about your curvy butt, your round breasts, your beautiful eyes, your soft skin, or even the strength of your body.

I suggest you focus your time more on what you love about your body more than what you dislike about it. This will help you get into a better-feeling emotional state.

2. Find a healthy eating plan that you can stick to the rest of your life. I understand about kick-start diet plans. It sometimes inspires you to make more changes when you see results more quickly but make sure that you understand that these quick starters aren’t great lifetime plans.

Make sure you have a plan “B” after the kick-starts.

Lifestyle plans are all about balance and moderaton that support your long-term health and fitness goals.

3. Set a reasonable goal for your weight loss. If you set it too high you may find it is too hard to reach. However, if you set it for say 20 pounds at a time, then each 20 pounds will seem attainable to your mind, and help motivate you.

If you say you are going to lose 100 pounds though this thought could be overwhelming. So keep the goals small and easy to reach.

Body Love Through Exercise

4. Exercise! Get up and move that body. At first you may not be able to walk or go through the whole class with great energy but it really takes time, persistence, and consistency when it comes to acquiring a certain level of fitness.

Sign up with a gym, get some help from a personal trainer, explore classes that you enjoy. You could also just do an activity you like to do to get some exercise. Dancing is a good workout, or you could join a team sport like softball.

5. Keep a positive attitude. The plus womens challenge around bodyweight and body image can be won. You can find peace and acceptance with your body and remember that you, Curvy Goddess, are NOT your body.

When you take action on the 5 things above, you will conquer this plus womens challenge and finally start finding peace and acceptance. In fact, you will be so proud of yourself as a beautiful Curvy Goddess that your actions will happen effortlessly that support the pride, peace, love and acceptance you have. You’ll find joy around changing your eating habits and exercising consistently. Enjoy your new body and the new view of yourself.

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

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