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The Curvy Goddess Chronicles – I’m Scrapping Balance! Back To Being Happy

Happiness with my Kooky Friends - Coach King Feliciano and Coach Bao Tran
I’m back Curvy Goddess with the next chapter to my Curvy Goddess Life. I’ve attempted to play with this interesting idea of creating a balanced, integrated life because all around me I received messages informing me that somehow developing balance seems to be the only way to having a happy, fulfilled life.

How could anyone focus so much energy on her work and not have a well-rounded life with a fully developed romantic relationship, and a fully developed healthy relationship with food and body image and a fully developed healthy relationship with her family and friends?

What I discovered from my brief stint of approaching life HAVING to create balance was that the attempt ended up making me feel drained, feel like a failure; to sum things up downright unhappy.

Hmmmm…I thought the opposite was supposed to be the result.

Now I’m bagging that approach and throwing it out the window. I’m going to do what makes me feel good; what makes me feel very very happy.

I know what those things are.

* Writing/Journaling
* Traveling
* Working with my clients who are eager and want my help
* Dancing again
* Creating a Healthy Body image

My “Happy” List is brief and do-able but most importantly I don’t have anything on my list that seems to be the classic, standard way to happiness for a woman.

I reached out to my friend who I highly respect. She has this amazing quality about her.

Aegina Angeliades is a friend, and role model
Her essence is “powerful, business mogul Wonder Woman.” Aegina and I had an opportunity to talk and I felt inspired, connected, and at peace.

Yesterday I discovered an old posted comment on Jacqueline Carly’s blog aka Fitarella. Her work is important to a world filled with women who want to feel good about their bodies and lives through health, fitness, body, mind, and spirit.

She was the top vote-getter for ‘Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next Star. She raked in over 9 million votes.

This was her message to me. “Welcome Curvy Goddess!! Thank YOU for sharing your work, I am a big fan!”

Big fan?

The message was brief but impactful for me. Okay the work I do is what makes me happy and is slowly reaching out to the plus size community.

Making a significant impact in many people’s lives for the work I do is what makes me happy and if I have to sacrifice this for an integrated life then I choose my mission over balance.

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

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