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The Curvy Goddess Chronicles – Curvy Goddess Warrior Phase 1 Launch: The Weight Loss Cleanse

Happy Giddy Girl
So I got off the pot…finally and decided that I am launching my Curvy Goddess Warrior Project. In the last Curvy Chronicles I explained that I was chucking the balance and integration thing and concentrating on just being happy. I had my “Happy” List all written and sticking to those things that make me giddy! This includes being healthy, fit, and having a beautiful self-image.

I thought I’d begin my Curvy Goddess Warrior Project by cleansing; getting my insides clean and healthy. I’ve chosen the Isagenix 9-day cleanse because it’s super simple. I see results fast and I transform into a giddy teenaged girl because I have loads of energy and get the giggles on this cleanse. Go figure!

I think the process will last from 90 to 120 days. I’m not really sure because I haven’t gone on a weight loss cleanse for that long. I get to eat food and I’m keeping it healthy and low carb while training like a warrior. I’ll have to remember to start slow and pick up the pace in a few weeks. Nothing too extreme. That’s going to be hard with my personality but whatever makes me happy. Right?

My Crochet Bikini Still In The Pakage
Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday will be my cleanse days with a few raw almonds during the afternoon and lots of water all throughout the day. I’m ready! I’ve been wanting to fit into this crochet bikini for a good amount of time. Wanted, desired, but not committed. There’s a huge distinction.

Hmmmm…wondering who the lucky guy will be seeing me in my crochet bikini…okay back to project.

The Curvy Goddess Warrior Phase 1 starts Saturday, March 26, 2011.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those concerned about me being too skinny, DON’T. I don’t like skinny. I’m keeping my curves.

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

4 Responses to The Curvy Goddess Chronicles – Curvy Goddess Warrior Phase 1 Launch: The Weight Loss Cleanse

  1. I’ve been considering doing a Isagenix cleanse as well. Do you have an associate here in NYC or do you order online?

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