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The Curvy Goddess Chronicles – ‘Rescue Me’ Proclaims The Curvy Goddess

Rescue Me
Who says a strong, independent woman doesn’t like the idea of a man rescuing her? I sure do. My colorful imagination even creates fantasies around this rescue scenario.

A woman is complex. She has many sides to her. She likes to express her independence while she likes to be acknowledged by her sexy suitors her feminine qualities and talents.

I want to share three fantasies I have around being rescued. I noticed in the scenarios my strong career mindset is present while wanting to be swept away occasionally into the arms of a man. Confusing? Maybe, but true.

The scenarios are short and lack detail but you can fill in the details yourself.

Rescuing a Curvy Goddess can be more than saving her from a mouse or it could just be good enough
Scenario 1: He recognizes that I am passionate about my fitness businesses, Curvy Goddess Workout personal training and my online fitness business, Curvy Goddess Lounge. So he surprises me.

He tells me to pack my bags and that he already booked a trip to the Greek Islands. It’s already taken care of and I don’t have to worry about anything because he’s in charge. This beautiful, strong, confident man is in charge. Ahhhhh…

Scenario 2: I’m frazzled from a long day of work. He comes up to me and gives me a long lustful kiss. And he takes over, takes me to bed.

Scenario 3: During the week we both work so hard in our career. He tells me he misses me and he wants to see me. He wants to see me wear his favorite dress and catch the train. He is paying for the trip. We get to see each other for two days. No interruptions; just me and him.

After reading the above passages, some of you may think that a woman wanting acknowledgement of her independence at the same time wanting the freedom to express her feminine qualities is dichotomous. Let me suggest another thought. Wanting both is the trait of an evolved woman, a Goddess living in the 21st Century.

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

2 Responses to The Curvy Goddess Chronicles – ‘Rescue Me’ Proclaims The Curvy Goddess

  1. Those are some of the , dreams I have …. I can’t wait til
    my Hero Finds Me , Rescues Me And Keeps Me !!!!
    Keep them Puppies Coming !!!

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