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Flatter Tummy Myths Exposed

flatter tummy
Exercise for a Flatter Tummy
All of us want a flatter tummy no matter what dress size we wear Curvy Goddess. Wrong information about this subject is running rampant. I listen sometimes to my clients share the misinformation to me and am surprised that these myths still exist.

We are going to cover five common myths about getting a flatter tummy that should be addressed.

FLATTER TUMMY MYTH #1 – Diet doesn’t matter.

This is probably the biggest myth or the biggest form of denial of all time. Yes. Diet DOES matter meaning what you put in your mouth and how much of it makes an enormous amount of difference whether or not you’ll get a flatter tummy.

We sometimes hear stories of athletes who are practically garbage compactors. They eat garbage all day long but their bodies are ripped.

You must realize that athletes work out practically everyday for more than an hour a day, sometimes two or three.

Most of my colleagues who have amazing bodies are working out more than an hour a day every day.

Most of us who are starting an exercise program who want to lose weight, burn body fat, and have a flatter tummy think that working out twice a week is alot. That’s two out of seven days.

What do you think it would take to melt that tummy fat?

What’s the best diet? One that focuses on eating whole foods and eliminates all processed foods.

FLATTER TUMMY MYTH #2 – Doing more repetitions is a better plan.

Many of us Curvy Goddesses who start an exericse program pride ourselves in doing 100 or even 1000 crunches or sit-ups.

We somehow think that it is a badge of honor to do gazillion repetitions of abdominal crunches rather than focus on intensity and proper form.

We think the more reps we do the closer we are to getting a flatter tummy.

FLATTER TUMMY MYTH #3 – Starve yourself for beautiful abs.

Going on a starvation diet does a body bad including your goal in getting a flatter tummy. You need whole, nutritious food to survive and you’ll need to sustain your energy levels when you plan your workout regimen.

While it is wise to cut your portion sizes and focus on consuming protein and cutting sugars and flour out of your diet it is sound advice to not go to the extreme with cutting your daily caloric intake dramaticaly.

You’ll end cranky and sluggish without a flatter tummy.

Eat to fuel your workouts so you’ll be able to burn the fat!

flatter tummy
Choose Strength Training Over Cardio

FLATTER TUMMY MYTH #4 – Cardio is the best way to burn fat.

If all of those Cardio Chicks listened to me and understood that resistance training reigns over cardio anyday to burn stubborn fat then I’d be a Curvy Goddess Fitness Queen!

Resistance may be the most effective exercise method hands down but the least popular choice although it works marvelously!

Low intensity cardio training is overrated in terms of burning fat.

Please add strength training in your fat-burning program.

FLATTER TUMMY MYTH #5 – Melt tummy fat without exercise.

Yikes. Bad and dangerous myth. False again.

Those dieting programs and supplement companies want you to think they have all the answers and you can bypass working out forever if you stick to what they have to sell. But really this is far from the truth.

Losing fat for a flatter tummy seems to be simple but difficult to do. Eat whole natural foods and exercise focusing on strength training exercises. Stay away from processed foods and stay away from starvation diet programs. Consistency is the key to long-term fat loss and eventually a flatter tummy.

Hope exposing the myths on getting a flatter tummy will help you get on the right track, so until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

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