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The Curvy Goddess Chronicles – Day 1 of 100 Day Plus Size Workout Fitness Challenge

On the Curvy Goddess Lounge Photo Shoot Last Year
Since yesterday was a great experience at my gym, Equinox, I was inspired to create the 100 Day Plus Size Workout Fitness Challenge where I’m doing some type of fitness activity for 100 straight days. Since I can go extreme and have a whole list of rules to trigger sabotage mode I decided to nix the strict rules.

My only goal in this challenge is to stay active for 100 straight days. I can do any activity that suits my mood and my physical level.

There is no time rule either. When my body is in motion it wants to stay in motion for awhile.

There are so many fitness experts/gurus out there preaching that this workout method is better than that that it makes me go into analysis paralysis. I wait for the “right” or “perfect” answer to arrive in front of me before I do anything physical.

I’m not going to go there; not going to be lead in that stinking trap again.

I already know this about myself.

When I move my body I become stronger and am filled with energy and most importantly this fearlessness sweeps over me.

I want to Box. I want to Dance. I want to Run…Jump…Leap.

So there is this evolutionary process that happens when I move my body consistently. I don’t need to be so concerned for right now what to do next. I will know.

Day 1 Plus Size Workout Fitness Challenge Activity:

– 15 min. Ran on the elliptical
– 25 min. Stairmaster
– 20 min. Bike

My body ached and was stiff. The pain was a great feeling. I know that I have a body not to be ignored.

Until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

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