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Overeating – Are You Overeating at Night Only?

Snack Attack!
A new name has cropped up for those who are overeating mainly at night. It’s called “night-eating syndrome.” Curvy Goddess, if you’re consuming most of your daily calories during the evening and right before you go to bed, you may be putting on loads of calories that will be stored as fat.

I have personal experience with this nighttime eating pattern. I don’t eat so much during the day when I have a full day at work and totally chow down when I get home late at night.

I wakeup with undigested food rotting in my stomach and am not feeling right nor hungry so I skip breakfast and so the overeating pattern continues.

The nighttime overeating pattern is very difficult to break but it is possible.

You have to be first conscious of the overeating pattern and then be prepared by forcing yourself to eat something for breakfast, drink lots of water, nuts, protein, and veggies throughout the day to fuel your body.

People who have night-eating syndrome are also likely to wake up from bed to go to the kitchen and eat not making the healthiest choices in the wee hours of the morning.

If you find this happening to you for a big dose of overeating think about what’s happening to you internally, emotionally.

Some questions to ask yourself about your overeating patterns:

1) Is something on your mind that is making you stressed out?

2) Have you been depressed for awhile and feel helpless and totally out of control?

3) Are you happy with yourself?

Night time overeating is the worst time to consume extra calories especially when the “food” is usually high in carbs and sugars. Your body needs fewer calories when you’re sleeping.

The evening is often associated with winding down to a relaxing night of watching television while rewarding yourself with high calorie meals, desserts, and snacks.

Those of us who have highly stressful careers will usually skip meals during the day and will become crazy hungry at night – eating everything in sight.

The hormone called leptin suppresses hunger while melatonin is another hormone that helps induce sleep. Research has shown that both hormones are found lacking in people with Night-Eating Syndrome. So there may be a sound physiological reason for night overeating behavior.

The following are some tips on managing overeating at night:

Overeating Management Tip #1 – Avoid eating in front of the TV or computer.

Spend eating your meals at the kitchen table to focus on eating rather than the mindless eating that usually happens while watching our favorite program and reading.

Overeating Management Tip #2 – Eat all throughout the day.

If you don’t have time to eat meals during the day, opt for healthy snacks during the day; string cheese, raw nuts, greek yogurt, and fruit.

Overeating Management Tip #3 – Be conscious of your portions.

If you’re going to have to eat at night make sure you watch your portion size.

Overeating Management Tip #4 – Eat breakfast.

It’s the most important action to help break the night overeating cycle.

Some of us Curvy Goddesses have experiences with overeating and it can be very difficult to stop but it can be done and new habits will form in place of nighttime overeating. Just be conscious and implement solid actions that will keep you prepared for success!

I hope this article on overeating at night made you think, so until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

3 Responses to Overeating – Are You Overeating at Night Only?

  1. Hi, Diane:

    Eating at night (or late at night) is a real issue with many, and the reasons are not always the same. For example, I have a friend who works the 2nd shift and because of this work schedule she tends to eat late when she gets home. Of course, then she feels guilty and beats her self up. But she doesn’t do it every night, just a few days a week. lol.

    What about those who work that dreaded 2nd shift? (when should they eat dinner)
    Cherry recently posted..Hot Swimsuit for Plus Size Ladies- Twist Front SkirtiniMy Profile

  2. Hey Diane, as usual you get right to it girlfriend!

    I think the reason a lot of people eat late at night is exactly why you say, because they don’t eat during the day and their blood sugar levels crash and burn big time!

    Your advice about eating little and often throughout the day is right on the money as far as I’m concerned.

    Realy liking your website!
    Garth Delikan recently posted..How safe and secure do you feel at homeMy Profile

  3. This used to happen to me. I’m a law student so I have irregular sleeping schedules. I always ate a meal before sleeping because I used it as a reward for all the “studying” I’d do. This is why I gained 20-25 pounds in law school lol.

    The only remedy that worked for me was to reset my body clock. I forced myself to sleep early and study in the mornings. I try to avoid being up till past 1 or 2 am and just wake up at around 7 or 8 to study.
    The Fit Pinoy recently posted..Do you need boxing shoes to train?My Profile

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