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Destroying Overeating Naturally!

Frustrated Overeater
There are various ways to manage overeating and resorting to a starvation diet program is NOT one of them.

Actually experts have agreed that going on a starvation type of diet plan in order to stop the overeating will backfire, triggering a binging reaction.

We’ve even seen highly visible celebrities being trapped in an endless overeating-diet-overeating cycle such as Oprah Winfrey and Kirstie Alley. It’s that yo-yo syndrome that most of us Curvy Goddesses know all too well.

We want to lose the weight fast so we set unrealistic goals for ourselves. We set ourselves up for failure and we end up in an overeating spree armed with our favorite binge foods.

The better way of managing overeating is the natural way; gradually developing good habits that will become lifelong habits.

Even when you go away briefly from eating healthy for instance during the holidays you’ll easily return to eating well without a problem.

Here are a few tips to managing the overeating:

1. Portion Control: Managing your overeating by monitoring your portions every single time you eat, Curvy Goddess is probably the best way.

Don’t let your mind rule your eyes and stomach.

Even if you crave something unhealthy you can dish out a small portion of it or even have a couple of bites of it.

You’ll be amazed how little it takes to satisfy a craving.

2. Eat Salads and Soup: Sounds so boring. Huh? Salads and soups are a great way to curb the binging habit by bulking up on the healthy stuff to get you full so you won’t be tempted to load your plate on the entrée.

3. Sharing Is Caring: And not only for the other party but for yourself too. Most restaurants serve incredibly large portions of their entrées.

Plan to share one entrée with your dinner companion or get a carry-out box.

Some restaurants will let you order half the portion if you’re not too keen on ordering from the Kiddie Menu.

4. Eat Small Meals Throughout The Day: Eating small meals throughout the day will control your temptation to binging on food at night.

Most of us will wait until the end of the day to eat but we’re so ravenous at night that we eat 3 or even 4 times more than we would if we planned our meals during the day.

5. Treat Yourself: Curvy Goddess, creating too many restrictions on a healthy food program will likely lead to failure and an overeating binge spree.

You just can’t be a “diet saint” all the time. Treat yourself once a month or twice a month to one meal or item that you absolutely adore.

When dealing with an overeating issue, finding ways to instill lifelong healthy food habits is the best way. As you gain control over an overeating problem, you’ll gain confidence and a new way of seeing your life; a wonderful life that you’ve created!

I hope this article on how to destroy overeating will guide you to freedom, so until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

6 Responses to Destroying Overeating Naturally!

  1. Absolutely top notch article and couldn’t agree more!

    So many people starve themselves and exercise to extreme in the mistaken belief that they will lose weight and become “fit and healthy” when in fact they are doing themselves more harm than good!

    I find that eating little and often and keeping your caloric intake even throughout the day is the best and easiest way to lose and maintain weight as long as it’s also couple with a sensible exercise routine.
    Garth Delikan recently posted..How would you like to be remembered by the people in your lifeMy Profile

    • Thank you so much for visiting and being a HUGE support on Facebook for me. I appreciate it so very much.

      Eating very little for me all throughout the day doesn’t work. I’m talking about those “Diet Programs” I have to eat whole foods and leave the processed foods alone for me to feel good and lose fat. It’s slower but in the long run it’s the healthier way.
      The Curvy Goddess recently posted..Zumba Fitness – Lose Weight with Zumba FitnessMy Profile

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