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My Painful Birth

I had the most cathartic, painful experience of my life next to my father’s death this past month.

It was one of the biggest challenges of my life. I met my demons.

It swept into my life in the form of a man fast and furious, so quickly that it injected a powerful potion of fantasy and fantastical illusion that made me delirious for a moment.

painful birth
In her cocoon
I questioned everything. I was confused. I resisted. I battled. But what this experience gave me was the knowledge that I could play big, that I could run with the big boys and fall down and get up again.

This experience gave me the knowledge that I have in my life the most important elements. I have the resources I need right in front of me to realize my destiny.

And although I wanted the love, I got what I needed the most, that knowledge that I am stronger than I thought. I am more powerful than I set out to be. Although I wanted the love, I got what I needed. I received the knowledge that what I have created from my spirit is the most beautiful and honest reflection of who I am.

I will write the ending to my story but until then I am writing the beginning and the middle to this rich adventurous novel.

This is my time. The magnificent process of transformation…from the cocoon into the world…the painful/pleasurable growth into The Curvy Goddess.

The end of this experience was the point of birth. I came out of my cocoon into the world. The beginning of an awaited transformation into a butterfly — in human form — The Curvy Goddess.

I am a woman with creative power, passion, and purpose. I am The Curvy Goddess.

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