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Walking for Fitness – 3 Powerful Benefits of Walking for Your Plus Size Workout

benefits of walking
Walking for Fitness
The benefits of walking for your plus size workout is endless. Walking is the perfect exercise to start getting into shape again. With any plus size workout routine if you haven’t worked out in awhile it’s better to start walking before aspiring to run like a gazelle.

There are very few risks of injury and it’s great for your health. In fact, it’s so great for your health that you might be a little surprised.

After all, you’ve heard that exercise is supposed to be bootcamp hardcore style to get any benefits from it. Right? Many benefits of walking is ready for you Curvy Goddess to get back in the swing of things, moving your body again.

Let’s take a look at three powerful benefits of walking for fitness and your health.

1. Mood Enhancing Drug

The first benefits of walking is it’s beneficial for your mental and emotional well being.

When moving your body your body releases the “feel good” hormone, endorphins, making you stay positive and stress free no matter what challenges come your way. Actually, walking for thirty minutes each day may help prevent depression.

Turn the benefits of walking up a notch walking outdoors. You’re getting the mood boosting, stress fighting, energizing effects of Vitamin D from that fabulous, beautiful, warm sun!

2. Fat Burning Machine

One of the biggest benefits of walking for those trying to lose weight.

I’m sure you know that walking burns calories because you’re moving that beautiful body of yours.

Walking for 30 minutes each day will help boost your metabolism so you can become a fat burning machine baby!

There have been a number of studies showing that those who are active while attempting to lose weight actually lose more quickly and burn more fat. They also have a higher success rate at keeping the pounds away.

3. Energy Charger Sans Coffee

One of the major benefits of walking for those caffeine addicts.

Walking regularly will help boost that energy. That classic excuse of not having enough energy to exercise should be thrown out the window.

Any form of regular exercise will boost energy levels usually in as soon as the first two weeks of beginning a new plus size exercise regimen.

One of the most important life-saving benefits of walking is that it helps fight heart disease and helps you sleep better at night.

There really is no downside to walking.

After reading the list of benefits of walking, are you ready to get started walking for fitness?

Here’s how to get the most benefits of walking:

#1 Grab a pedometer. Don’t skimp on the expense of your pedometer. A good one will last several years and stay calibrated. Having a pedometer will easily track your progress and will help you create goals for you to achieve to continue your progress.

Another way to reap the most benefits of walking

#2 Track the data. Spend a week tracking how many steps you normally take each day. Also take a look at your day. When can you fit in extra walking time? You don’t have to fit it in all at once. You might take 3-10 minute walks each day.

For your walking program explore benefits of walking by adding steps to your day.

If you drive to work, park your car farther from work and walk the rest of the way. Or when you’re going grocery shopping parking at the back of the lot can add 500 or more steps to your day.

You’ll be astonished how just adding more steps throughout the day adds up big time!

Take advantage of the benefits of walking by…

#3 Creating a walking routine. For the first few weeks it may take some effort to add walking into your day.

However, once you’ve established a plus size workout walking routine you’ll start looking forward to your daily walks. It can be a great time for meditation, releasing stress, and of course getting healthy.

Walking is an easy plus size workout to start improving your health today.

You have either option to walk alone or with friends.

Walk around your neighborhood, on a local trail or on a treadmill. Get those legs moving and reap the benefits of walking.

I hope this post on the benefits of walking was valuable for you, so until next time Curvy Goddess…Stay Strong and Stunning!

3 Responses to Walking for Fitness – 3 Powerful Benefits of Walking for Your Plus Size Workout

  1. I used to be an avid jogger/runner, but lately I have discovered the benefits of long walks (I go for 3-6 miles walks). I love it! It tones my thighs so much better and I can go longer, without stopping, with walking. Maybe one day I’ll walk a marathon (when I move to Florida). Walking is THE PERFECT exercise around.

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