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Plus Size Workout – Is The Boot Camp Workout Right For You Curvy Goddess?

plus size workout
Boot Camp Workout For Your Plus Size Workout? Think Again...
Curvy Goddess, you’ve thought about starting your plus size workout regimen. It is time to move that beautiful body of yours and you want to really get down and sweat and make it intense so you’re thinking of the no frills way; The Boot Camp Workout! You’ve heard so many great things about boot camp workouts. But is it a good fit for your plus size workout program? Well here’s the deal, Curvy Girl.

As a NYC personal trainer for over a decade, I have seen and experienced the evolution of fitness; the fitness fads and trends. Functional training, Hip Hops Abs, Zumba, Bosu Training, Kettle Bell Workouts, Kickboxing and Boxing are a few on the hottest fitness trends list.

Few fitness trends make it on the permanent fitness and health list. The boot camp workout is another extremely popular workout style. Boot camp exercise routines have been a good way to get in-shape. Is it here for good? And again, is it the perfect plus size workout for you, Curvy Goddess?

The concept of the “Boot Camp Workouts” originated from the military during the induction training phase. The target is to get the military enrollees in tip top shape ready for battle.

The two major reasons explaining why the boot camp workout is so favored are they are a no-fills total immersion cheap workout; an easy way to getting you into spectacular condition and getting rid of the fat fast.

So basically the boot camp workout gives a “bang for your buck!”

What will you see in this kind of training usually done in parks all over America? Lots of running, jumping, push-ups, and agility work.

Unfortunately, due to the high intensity training many who take part are susceptible to injury if they are de-conditioned. And this is what may likely happen Curvy Goddess if you go in with great intentions but forgot that you haven’t gone through a plus size workout in months, years, or even decades.

What’s the rush anyway? I know you want to get into shape and you have an amazing attitude. You finally want to do this.

“Curvy tight here I come baby!”

Well why not find something a little more at your level yet challenging?

If you live in the NYC area, why not try the plus size workout called Curvy Goddess Workout? It’s specially designed for the Curvy Goddess in a small private fitness studio where you’re with other Curvy Girls burning lots of calories. Yes. It’s indoors unlike boot camp workouts where you’re outside; come rain or shine.

Now if you still have your mind set to starting your plus size workout program with the boot camp sessions the following are 7 methods to safely participate lowering your odds of injury:

1. Be truthful. Tell the complete truth when answering all the questions on the health and fitness assessment form. This form gives the instructor beneficial information to help you through your plus size workout session.

Overlooking or glossing over a question like your age and fitness level may be a detriment in the future when the fitness instructor starts training you; designing your plus size workout exercise routines based mostly on how you had answered on the assessment form.

2. Speak with the boot camp instructor beforehand. Communication is important. If you are feeling a lot of agony from the exercises, speak out. The training camp instructor will adjust the plus size workout exercise for you.

3. Concentrate on form. Be sure to not rush through your plus size workout exercises so that you can focus on form. Although you’ll have spoken to the instructor before the session, your body and safety are your responsibility.

The boot camp groups are sometimes massive so it can be tough for the instructor to pay attention to you at every moment during the plus size workout session.

4. Modify the exercises based totally on your plus size workout fitness level. Jog instead of sprint; pushups on knees rather than full military push-ups; squats instead of squat jumps.

It’s crucial that you modify the plus size workout exercises until you progress to the next level if you haven’t moved for a long time.

5. Warm-up 5-10 minutes before the boot camp workout starts. This will help increase your pulse steadily. Joints will be lubricated and muscles warm and flexible, prepared for action.

6. Stretch after the plus size workout. Stretching will keep your body flexible preventing strained tight muscles, increasing your range of motion and therefore will help stop from muscular injuries.

7. Get lots of rest. Here is where the body starts to repair itself…after your plus size workout and will likely become stronger. Without rest, the body will become tired and will be prone to tears, strains, and sprains.

Keeping your body hydrated with water will also help the recovery process.

As a NYC Personal Trainer I understand why you’d choose boot camp workouts for your plus size workout program…because they are hot, hot, hot! But Curvy Goddess, your safety is more important then wanting speedy weight loss. The super high intensity approach can be super effective if you can avoid injuries during your plus size workout plan.

Following the seven safety pointers will help you avoid injuries so that you’ll move forward on your plus size workout program and conditioning goals.

Hope this post on boot camps not being a perfect plus size workout fit, so until next time Curvy Goddesss, Stay Strong and Stunning!

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