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Plus Size Workout – When Life Has Hit Rock Bottom, Recognize It, and Take Action

plus size workout
Take Action Curvy Goddess!
You’re now thinking that going through a plus size workout for 5 hours a day and not eating is the ticket? Are you there yet Curvy Goddess? What happened?

Have you heard of that phrase, The Point of No Return? Basically when life has hit rock bottom, Curvy Goddess. It can be used in many contexts but for this post’s purpose, it’s used when you’ve done so much damage to your health, to your body, to your psyche that there is no turning back. There is no way in hell you could see yourself repairing the damages.

No way in hell that you could start a plus size workout program.

No way in hell you could get yourself to eat right again because you feel too far gone; to far over the edge.

Curvy Goddess, there is always a way out. The point of return is where you are standing right now.

There is always a way to start moving your body. There’s always a way to slip in half of a plus size workout. Always a way to start taking care of yourself again.

Always a way to start your plus size workout fitness program.

From past experiences and from where I stand now I am back to repairing my body and recharging it. I’ve incorporated a plus size workout. I decided to go on a kick-start weight loss cleanse program of The Master Cleanse to get me back to a place not only physically but mentally to where I want to be; healed, feeling alive, and strong again.

plus size workout
Oops! My hair thinned after The Master Cleanse
Well anyway I decided to go for about 40 days on The Master Cleanse with some modifications to keep my hair since my last long stint on the cleanse I had lost alot of hair.

While waiting for the subway train after a plus size workout training my last client for the day I was about to lose it. Seriously lose it in my pants like a baby. I had to find a bathroom fast. This incident made me decide on the spot that I quit Plan A!

They don’t make diapers in Curvy Goddess size.

And so here I go on Plan B.

So the decision to be on The Master Cleanse was because I was about to Hit Rock Bottom. I’ve hit rock bottom many times in the past and clearly recognize the signs. I took action before it happens because when you’re at rock bottom it’s harder to take action to get yourself out of that hole of depression, disgust, and disappointment.

Although the triggers for Hitting Rock Bottom are different for everybody there are a few common triggers that many Curvy Goddess can relate to.

Signs Before Hitting Rock Bottom:

* Unable to fit in your favorite sexy outfits

* Health problems: high blood pressure, heart problems, and/or diabetes

* Injuries: Back, knee, hip injuries. Yes, physical injuries can easily be related to your weight and/or a sedentary lifestyle ==> Not having a consistent plus size workout program

Recognize The Slippery Slope Curvy Goddess

Recognizing these signs is about acknowledging that the sedentary lifestyle, and the weight gain are not something that you want to continue and it’s time to create a plan of health and fitness, a plus size workout program for firm curves and vital non-stop energy.

Design your plan.

Take Action

Most Curvy Goddesses find a gradual progessive health and plus size workout plan will lead them to success. Understand that the slow, progressive plan will take longer but you’ll get less overwhelmed with the intense rehaul of a dramatically changed lifestyle.

* Substitute sweet sodas with drinking more water.

* Substitute processed foods with whole foods.

* Substitute process sugars with fruit and raw sugar cane or stevia.

* Walk for fitness more often during the week to start your plus size workout.

* Take the stairs part way instead of the elevator.

* Try a fun plus size workout with women who are like-minded; Zumba Fitness or Curvy Goddess Workout

I find that focusing on substituting will prevent from thoughts of deprivation that can easily trigger you to overeat.

The Shock Strategy

This is the other action plan; intense, dramatic, short-term but the theory is that you’ll see and feel the difference very shortly into your plan that you’ll leap into a healthy way of living quickly.

* Detox Diet/Weight Loss Cleanses: I will do this to turbo-charge my health and plus size fitness plan because I can see and feel a difference in about 10 days if I can get through 3-5 days of hell.

* Hire a personal trainer for your plus size workout: I want intensity and I know that I can’t get myself there so I will hire a NYC personal trainer to torture me during my plus size workout sessions. Now not all trainers will do this. You can request your trainer to challenge you without going all out with torture. This is something that I recommend.

* Cut out all processed sugars and junk from your diet including all white things; pasta, bread, rice, and potatoes.

Before hitting that grand ole’ rock bottom where the pit seems too deep to crawl out, recognize the signs and acknowledge without beating yourself up, then take action incorporating a plus size workout and eating healthy again focusing on whole foods.

Whichever plan you take on understand the reason why you’re doing this. What is your passionate reason that you can feel from inside out? What will make you breakdown with tears and then exhalt with cry of freedom and happiness?

It’s all about you Curvy Goddess; For your Health, for your Body, and the Love of you.

Understanding that a plus size workout is a valuable tool for you, so until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

8 Responses to Plus Size Workout – When Life Has Hit Rock Bottom, Recognize It, and Take Action

  1. Thank you for the post, I took back up my boxing earlier this week and must say I’ve enjoyed immensely. I miss the intense workout and now I’m doing something to contribute to helping me get back into shape. I have started going back 4 days a week. Not to mention I’ve had to slowly change my eating habits, but changes dont happen overnight.

  2. health should NEVER be sacrificed on your journey towards health. (huh?!) if you lost hair during your stint on a cleanse as serious as the master cleanse, then……. perhaps you should not be doing the master cleanse. you should not be losing hair! just something to consider.

    • Hey B,

      I’m not sure I was “sacrificing” my health. I actually think I got super healthy from doing The Master Cleanse. I had crazy amounts of energy, my skin was glowing. I looked super young almost 2 decades younger than my actual age.

      I was working out 2 hours almost every day while on the cleanse just because I had so much energy I didn’t know what to do with it so I exercised.

      The hair loss was because I was on it longer without consuming any protein. For long amounts of time I’m sure that would have been unhealthy but for 30 days I don’t believe it is.

      Many have chosen The Master Cleanse to heal themselves from diseases that they had been stricken with for years after many attempts with the conventional path. But The Master Cleanse helped their bodies to heal.

      We live in a society where we are obsessed with consumption. In this example the consumption of FOOD. We go nutty when we haven’t eaten for a couple of hours and then we do eat we choose a bagel, a donut, or the hamburger around the corner at the popular fast food joint.

      For more information about this controversial way of cleansing go to ==>

      I was quite surprised with the information I picked up from this site.
      The Curvy Goddess recently posted..The Curvy Goddess Chronicles -The 100 Day Plus Size Workout Fitness Challenge ContinuesMy Profile

  3. Thank you! I just joined my local gym 3rd week and next month I will be adding a personal trainer. Why NOW?!? Why not now I told my self…its time and I’m ready. Not to get a man, (God will send him), but to get the temple I’m responsible for in shape, tired of doing it my way and the results are not what I expected. Your words of encouragement not only help me but inspire me to get other Curvy Goddesses to move it. I have a year goal set and mini goals in between. I know its going to be WORK WORK WORK but the time is NOW!

  4. Hi Curvy Goddess, you are definely a motivator, when i fall off the wagon into my junk food frenzy, you words turn me around. Thank You

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