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Zumba Fitness – Zumba for Beginners

Zumba for beginners
Zumba for Beginners
Is Zumba for beginners? Zumba Fitness is the perfect plus size workout for beginners of exercise.

Zumba for beginners – Why is it perfect for beginners?

Zumba for beginners is a great fun plus size workout who have this negative association with exercise so are apprehensive about starting a plus size fitness program.

Zumba Fitness has been all the rage around the globe because of many several health and fitness benefits associated with this fun way to get your plus size workouts in for the week. This great all-body toning, fat-burning routine implements different Latin and international music that creates an innovative, positive, and exciting experience for beginners.

The dance moves range from easy, intermediate, and advance, although all of the movements are built from basic foundational movements.

Zumba is for beginners because beginners can easily follow without having to have years of dance experience. Zumba fitness is perfect for beginners who want to have fun whie burning fat, losing weight, and reshaping the body.

Zumba for Beginners – Zumba Basic

Zumba for beginners should try out Zumba basic if Curvy Goddesses prefer a slower paced class or feel nervous about diving full force and getting lost in a standard Zumba Fitness class.

In Zumba Basic, the starter class is all about creating familiarity with the various Latin flavors, rhythms, and movements. There’s alot of repetition in the class to get the beginners comfortable with the choreography.

The great certified Zumba fitness instructors want you to understand the principle moves first before putting the steps to music. After practicing the sequence of moves music is finally added and you’ll find that you get your groove on quite easily.

Zumba for Beginners – Zumba Gold

Many Curvy Goddesses who come to this article have never tried Zumba Fitness, but they are curious because they’ve heard so many great things about it from their friends, co-workers, and relatives but they think that their fitness level and/or their physical limitations prevents them from taking the plunge.

Zumba for beginners – Are you one of them Curvy Goddess?

Zumba is for all beginners; including those who have two left feet, are physically incapacitated, disabled, and have limited strength and flexibility. This program is called Zumba Gold. The program is intended for true beginners; even those who are in a wheelchair.

Zumba Fitness is all about inclusion. Everybody can participate in this great fitness program.

Advantages of Zumba for Beginners

There are many advantages of Zumba for beginners, including:

* Easy to follow

* Destroys the negative association with exercise because it’s fun

* Variety of styles and forms of Zumba Fitness to fight boredom

* More muscular and brain involvement from learning movement patterns so it doesn’t feel like exercise

* Social interaction with like-minded Zumba fitness enthusiasts

Fitness Equipment Requirements

* Comfortable Shoes

* Comfortable plus size workout clothes

* Water bottle

Make sure you keep hydrated because you’ll be sweating lots!

So you see Curvy Goddess, Zumba for beginners it is just for you! You’ll start to get completely addicted to working out once you’ve tried this amazing dance fitness craze!

Hope my Zumba for beginners post was helpful, so until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

9 Responses to Zumba Fitness – Zumba for Beginners

  1. Amazing…!! very nice editorial, I really enjoyed this article. This is the most easy to loose weight at home. I personally think aerobic is also good for weight loose. Your fitness tips is very easy to follow. I’ll definitely apply on this.:))

  2. Great information for the newbie. I started Zumba over a year ago and have since enlisted my mother and some friends. Everyone’s concern is always it will be to fast the first and they can’t keep up. Having an intro call is a great thing because it helps with those fears

  3. Where’s the classes? Any in Harrisburg, PA? After tearing ACL in left leg, its been a tough road back to weight loss. So figured out I researched some beginning classes. Wife loves Zumba, but she’s a bit more advanced and I gotta start slow. She’ll support me. But it’s something for us to do together.
    I was more into the weight training part. She isn’t to much into the heavy lifting and bike riding and stuff.

    Where are ya and what classes you have available during the 7pm time frame maybe. We both work late. Home after 5pm

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