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The Curvy Goddess Chronicles -The 100 Day Plus Size Workout Fitness Challenge Continues

plus size workout
The Fitness Challenge Continues
Plus Size Workout Fitness Challenge here I come because summer is over. The Summer debauchery didn’t destroy me…and most certainly the procrastination is history.

You’re probably wondering what happened to that plus size workout fitness challenge that I started a couple of months ago.

Well, the plus size workout challenge fizzled right when the next bright shiny object came chasing after me and caught me!

I’m done with the novelty and understand that bright shiny objects don’t last forever and that the true drama and excitement lies in me and my vision which includes feeling stunning and strong in my Curvy Goddess body.

How can I generate power, inspiration within? From my plus size workout fitness challenge, but of course my Curvy Goddess sistahs.

And so the 100 day plus size workout fitness challenge continues and I’m going to finish what I’ve started. I ended at Day 15 so tomorrow will be Day 16.

Basically the fitness challenge is 100 days of exercise in any way, shape, or form. It could be walking or circuit training. You could take a dance class, Curvy Goddess Workout, Kettlebell training, or a spinning class.

The only goal is doing 7 minutes of exercise every single day for 100 days. If you’ve reached the 7 minute mark for the day you have your choice of quitting or continuing for more.

Sounds easy…Right?

So join me Curvy Goddess.

And we’ll support one another.

I will answer all of the questions you have about fitness. I’m a certified NYC personal trainer going on my 12th year.

And I designed a plus size workout called Curvy Goddess Workout.

I’d like the questions to be in the comment section below each post so that they can be viewed by other Curvy Goddesses. It’s a learning process for everybody!

I am a member of Equinox Fitness and perused the classes available.

What is Zumba? I’ve heard about it for such a long time and finally I will have the time and the gumption to take a couple of classes this weekend.

My workouts definitely need a makeover.

But I’m not going to analyze it…

Not going to stress over how much I need to do or how many calories I need to burn for the plus size workout session or for the week or the month to lose this much weight…blah, blah, blah.

I’m giving myself a headache. Oy!

So my plus size workout fitness challenge start with Zumba tomorrow!

Hope the plus size workout fitness challenge post will help you get out that rut too, so until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

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