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[AUDIO] The Anti Aging Experiment – Anti Aging Program

anti aging program
My Super Oily Skin Makes Me Look Younger Than I Am

I’m on a search for the best anti aging products around.

Designing the best anti aging program just for my needs.

Do you know why besides being slightly vain?

Because my birthday is coming up and I’ll be *#($ years old going on 12. YAY! But seriously I never thought I would think about my mortality based on the natural process of getting older, but honestly I am.

So much that I’m hoping that a marriage of modern day science and old world tradition will help preserve me for a handful of decades with this anti aging program.

Listen to the audio to know what happened to me on my anti aging program!


So here’s the list…my anti aging program secret weapon artillary

* Digestive Enzymes

* Trans Resveratrol

* Probiotics

* Vitamin K2

* Vitamin D

* Biotin with Irvingia, Hoodia, and Fucoxanthin


* Protandim

* TrueScience Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream

So my first step on my anti aging program was taking digestive enzymes three days ago and all I can say is, “PHENOMENAL”

I started taking trans resveratrol this morning so it’s too soon to know and am waiting for the rest of my order. Supposedly trans resveratrol is a powerful supplement for an anti aging program.

Wish me luck on my anti aging program experiment, so until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

8 Responses to [AUDIO] The Anti Aging Experiment – Anti Aging Program

    • Hi David,

      Thank you for visiting Curvy Goddess Lounge. Indirectly I don’t think it does but it has been pivotal to my being free of consuming so much food. I am releasing weight rapidly now because of these digestive enzymes.

      I think I didn’t have sufficient amount of enzymes to break down the food I was eating and so was not getting the proper nutrition and that is why I’ve had a portion size problem practically all of my life. I’m eating more than half as much food now. Not because I’m forcing myself to but because I’m finally feeling satisfied from the amount of food I’m eating.

      This is miraculous to me especially when I thought I had an addiction and seriously thought of going to therapy for treatment for my “addiction”.

      But it seems that I’ve had a physiological problem all along. I have a faulty digestive system.

      Healthy Weight Management = Younger Body
      The Curvy Goddess recently posted..Zumba Fitness – Zumba for BeginnersMy Profile

  1. I still stick to the old accepted regimen of people, proper diet (veggies) and exercise. A good plus is the vitamins as well but it is preferable to have natural means as vitamins, I think fruit alternatives are best on this. Enough sleep and wake early is a must too.
    Genie recently posted..lifecell reviewsMy Profile

    • Yes. That’s great that everything works well and is functioning properly. I just found out that my weight problem is stemming from lack of digestive enzymes I have in my digestive system. That is why I have had life long weight issues.

      I take digestive enzyme supplements and it’s working wonders. It actually is miraculous. I am able to break down food in a snap just like those who have a properly functioning digestive system.

      Enzymes don’t just help with weight but will help heal your body properly. Skin, nails, hair, everything…

      Something just food and exercise don’t cut it..
      The Curvy Goddess recently posted..Discover The Best Way To Relax Lose WeightMy Profile

  2. I was diagnosed with a lazy colon (whatever that means). The Doc just could not come with any medical reason for my irregularity except that. Unless I am taking some type of stimulant laxitive, I just don’t go. I’m not constipated because I don’t even have an urge to go. So maybe its my digestive enzymes that need a lil boost.

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