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Plus Size Lingiere – Never Separate A Curvy Goddess From Her Essentials

plus size lingiere

Leave a Curvy Goddess’ plus size lingiere at home? NEVER!

It’s not a secret that a Curvy Goddess loves her plus size lingiere. While most men prefer to see a Curvy Goddess in plus size lingiere rather than grandma underwear, a Curvy Goddess enjoys her plus size lingiere because she loves feeling juicy-luscious and sexy.

Quality plus size lingiere fabrics such as silk, satin, and velvet feel wonderful against the skin.

Slipping into plus size lingiere easily does the trick. Lingerie can make a woman feel sexy even if she’s wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

It’s her deep dark secret that she’s wearing something quite sexy which can easily give her a boost of confidence she deserves and needs.

Silky fabrics, lace, ribbons, and feminine patterns on fabric have been favored over the centuries by Curvy Goddesses who love sensual, pretty things.

Plus size lingiere is just one important accessory in a Curvy Goddess’ beauty regimen.

She enjoys here manicures and pedicures, her makeup, creams and lotions so of course she loves her plus size lingiere.

plus size lingiere
A Chiffon Teddy For The Curvy Goddess
For hundreds of years, Curvy Goddesses have used lingerie as fashion and beauty accessories. Corsets were part of a daily accessory for women up until 60, 70 years ago. Some women today use corsets to cinch their waists to train their figures into creating an hourglass shape.

Because a small waist was desired in the early part of the 20th century, most women had restricted themselves in a corset. Now in the 21st century many of us restrict ourselves through strict dieting.

When will the philosophy of having to be in pain for beauty end? Fortunately in present times many of us understand that big is beautiful. We workout and eat right to be healthy and having a tight full body is super sexy too.

Plus size lingiere can enhance that juicy-luscious full body and there are a variety of plus size lingiere to choose from based on a Curvy Goddess’ ever changing moods.

Although plus size lingiere can be used to help smooth out lumps and bumps of a full figure it’s not as painful and restricting as the traditional corsets that existed at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Control top undergarments can smooth the lines of s Curvy Goddess figure for that beautiful dress to look absolutely fabulous on her rather than sloppy!

A Curvy Goddess with a small chest or not-so-perky breasts has the option of wearing a plus size lingiere undergarment, a push up bra that is padded or not and voila! Her breasts are just as perky as when she was 19.

In the 21st century a Curvy Goddess is right there in the board room among men or she is busily being a mother to her children, or creating a top notch profit-making business. She works hard but although she may be wearing a suit during the day or her child’s vomit may be dripping on her shirt, underneath it all she knows she’s a Curvy Goddess from that lacy camisole underneath.

For more plus size lingiere, check out my fave sexy hot lingerie spot – Hips and – sexy plus size lingiere for women with curves – so until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

2 Responses to Plus Size Lingiere – Never Separate A Curvy Goddess From Her Essentials

  1. Hi there.
    Glad to stumble across this blog after a long time.
    I love the fact that while you encourage women to lose weight for health reasons, you also inspire them to love their curves.
    A woman does not have to be reed thin or to look famished to look desirable or hot!
    At the end of the day, it is the personality behind the initial facade that makes all the difference.
    I put on 4 inches at my bust, tummy and hips after delivering two c-section babies- and those stubborn inches just wont disappear even after the most rigorous exercising regimen. Though that does not deter me from heading to the gym at least 5 times a week, I have learnt to love myself with those extra inches.
    And, THAT, I am sure is the key to happiness! 🙂
    Meanwhile, lots of love to the Curvy Goddess team out there- you guys are doing a fabulous job! 🙂

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