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Exotic Lingerie Gallery for Playful Ideas Curvy Goddess

Take a look at the exotic lingerie gallery for some play time Curvy Goddess.

Don’t you agree Curvy Goddess that we’re all grown and sexy, but there’s space for us to be playful in our lives?

That’s what this exotic lingerie gallery is all about; to stir and to stimulate you into playful action.

The choices in modern lingerie wear are so diverse; the selection from styles to fabrics are so exotic these days absolutely endless ideas from the exotic lingerie gallery for endless playful wardrobe outfits.

Plus size lingerie designers develop hundreds of new and exciting styles. You could use individual pieces like a leather bustier with a pair of jeans or a skirt.

Here are the sexy images from the Exotic Lingerie Gallery. These pieces are from my fave plus size lingerie online store, Hips and – Sexy plus size lingerie for women with curves, Baby!

Exotic Lingerie Gallery Image #1

Exotic Lingerie Gallery
Steel Boned Leather Bustier

Is this hot and exotic or what? If you’re not a skirt Girl, you could still pull this off in real life meaning in situations other than in the bedroom. I would pair this leather bustier with jeans and a tank top. You could go skinny jeans or bootleg with a platform bootie. The jeans could go either dark or light wash. And the tank top could go black or white.

Below is the same exotic leather bustier with a white tank top.

Exotic Lingerie Gallery Image #2

Exotic Lingerie Gallery
Leather Steel Boned Bustier dressed up in a very playful way

This outfit rocks. I’m pretty conservative when it comes to my everyday wear but just from viewing the exotic lingerie gallery it sparks inspiration. Yeah…Makes me want this for endless days and nights of fun!

Exotic Lingerie Gallery Image #3

Exotic Lingerie Gallery
Showing Your Toned Arms From Your Plus Size Workout

The red satin really gives you enough pop for the whole outfit without having to accessorize too heavily. Again you could go pants; denim jeans or even leather jeans. Or really sex it up with a pencil skirt. I think a maxi skirt with boots would look super fab with this bustier.

Make sure you tone up those arms with a plus size workout. Just because we’re Curvy Goddesses does not mean we have to have flabby arms.

Exotic Lingerie Gallery Image #4

Exotic Lingerie Gallery
Curvy Goddess Role Play can be FUN!

The French Maid outfit in this exotic lingerie gallery image is super sexy. Role play can be so much fun Curvy Goddess if it’s with the right person. The only way you could get away wearing this outfit in public is to a Halloween Costume Party. Not too versatile or sensible but who’s thinking practical right now?

Exotic Lingerie Gallery Image #5

Exotic Lingerie Gallery
Cops and Robbers Baby!

From French Maid to Cops and Robbers. Which one do you want to play? Again the only way you could get away with wearing this Cop outfit is if you were going to a Halloween costume party. But you can wear the bustier again with jeans for a night out for a casual dinner date. Accessorize with bangles and a cocktail ring with nice flowing sexy hair.

Referring to this exotic lingerie gallery image, another great outfit idea for the bustier would be pairing with very long soft sweater with leggings and a platform bootie.

Hope the exotic lingerie gallery images completely inspire you enough to take a second look, so until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

For more images check out Hips and Exotic Lingerie Gallery

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  1. Are any of those sexy lingere be purchased? I seen a couple that I’d be interested in purchasing for my wife if they are for sale.

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