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The Benefits To Exercise – The Really Good Hard Truth

benefits to exerciseYou know that there are benefits to exercise and not just a handful of them but a mega-bunch of reasons.

Sometimes you need to be reminded Curvy Goddess of how miraculous a plus size workout program is for your health influencing your life in a powerful way.

We all hear from doctors, personal trainers, all of those health and fitness experts who tell us in a condescending tone, “You need to exercise because there are benefits to exercise. You’ve got to start right away.”

There certainly are benefits to exercise but we react to these professionals like we are guilty children and then turn into stubborn children as we run off thinking. “Oh please, are the health benefits to exercise really worth the effort to exercise more? Can’t I just eat a little less and skip the workouts?

Alright then maybe you know in theory that the health benefits to exercise is phenomenal and you’ve read and heard these benefits hundreds of times, maybe even thousands of times in your life. But it’s just theory. Experiencing exercise takes you to another level and experiencing the health benefits to exercise makes a Curvy Goddess understand and appreciate her body even more.

benefits to exercise
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Americans spend more than $600 billion dollars a year on health care which equals $3,000 for every single person in the country. It’s unfortunate that statistics show there are no signs of decrease in money spent for health care anytime soon.

There have been many attempts to identify what factors have contributed to the decline of the health of individuals in America. The medical problems that Americans are experiencing seem to be in epidemic numbers.

Probable reasons for people being unhealthy can be from poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, high stress levels and not being able to manage them, and poor health habits like smoking.

Studies have been conducted to see if anything can be done to lower the severity of medical problems that people face. These studies have shown that exercise has substantial benefits for everybdy.

There have been two major studies each using over 10,000 subjects to see if there are benefits to exercise.

One study by Ralph Paffenbarger, M.D. used 17,000 Harvard students as subjects and concluded that men who expended 300 calories a day which is the equivalent of walking fast for 45 minutes, reduced their death rates from all causes by 28%.

They lived an average of 2 years longer than their sedentary former classmates.

A recent study by Steven Blair, P.E.D. of the Institute Aerobics Research found that moderate amounts of exercise has a signficant effect on the mortality rate for women and men.

He also concluded that the higher the fitness level, the lower the death rate.

From these two studies it shows that exercise does a body good and is medicine!

So if just being chastised by the experts isn’t enough or actually turning you off then maybe something might click inside you reading the following list of the benefits to exercise.

The Benefits To Exericse Reason #1 – ALLERGIES

Exercise is one of the body’s most efficient ways to control nasal congestion.

The Benefits To Exercise Reason #2 – ANGINA

Consistent aerobic exercise dilates blood vessels which increases blood flow. The body is able to extract oxygen from the bloodstream.

The Benefits To Exercise Reason #3 – ANXIETY and DEPRESSION

Working out triggers the release of mood-altering chemicals in the brain and can be more powerful than drugs in pill form.

The Benefits To Exercise Reason #4 – ARTHRITIS

While moving your body the movement of the joints trigger the synovial fluid which lubricates the joints and decreases arthritic pain and makes joints less stiff.

The Benefits To Exercise Reason #5 – BACK PAIN

Exercise helps strengthen the abdominal muscles and lower back muscles which stabilizes the trunk while in movement and at rest. Many back pain problems are from a weak core and of not exercising enough.

The Benefits To Exercise Reason #6 – CHOLESTEROL

Working out will raise your good cholesterol, HDL and lower the bad, LDL.

The Benefits To Exercise Reason #7 – DIABETES

Working out helps lower excess blood sugar levels and improves your circulation.

The Benefits To Exercise Reason #8 – HEART DISEASE

Exercise especially resistance training can lower your body fat, lower your LDL levels, decrease blood pressure, lowers your heart rate and increases heart and lung efficiency which are indications of a strong heart.

The Benefits To Exercise Reason #9 – KNEE PROBLEMS

Working out helps strengthen the muscles, tendons, and ligaments surrounding the knee joint which helps withstand the stress from just standing and pounding action from walking, jumping, and running.

The Benefits To Exercise Reason #10 – PMS

Exercise helps control hormonal imbalances often associated with PMS

The Benefits To Exercise Reason #11 – OSTEOPOROSIS

Weight bearing workouts promote bone density which lowers the risk of bone fractures.

Let’s take our power back and let’s be inspired to move our curvy butts because we love the way it feels. We love how our bodies are so strong and sexy. Take what we know and what we’ve been lectured to by the health professionals that there are definitely benefits to exercise and let’s apply it to our real lives. Let’s do it the Curvy Goddess way.

Hope you were inspired reading the benefits to exercise post, so until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

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