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Managing Overeating and Stuffing During the Holidays

overeating and stuffing
Holiday Parties Treats
Overeating and stuffing yourself during the holidays is one of the negative sides to an otherwise spectacular holiday season experience. Overeating and stuffing will leave you tired all the time, feeling absolutely unmotivated to do anything except sit on the couch, watching your favorite holiday television programs and drinking egg nog with your friends and family.

And then the guilt sets in after the first holiday meal of overeating and stuffing during Thanksgiving. You would likely prolong the overeating and stuffing the day after with the leftovers and could extend it until Monday morning or even until Jan 1 of next year.

That’s a little too long for the overeating and stuffing cycle to last. And when Jan 1 arrives you might have gained 10-15 pounds from the 5 weeks of overeating and stuffing and so you try to workout excessively while going on a very low calorie diet only to quit after a week or two.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this scenario of overeating and stuffing and then extreme dieting and exercise in your life year after year during the holidays.

It doesn’t have to be this way – overeating and stuffing during the holidays and then going to the other extreme of the spectrum to lose the pounds you’ve gained.

So how do you prevent yourself from overeating and stuffing yourself when invited to those fabulous “just can’t miss” holiday celebrations, dinners and parties? Here are a few strategies to prevent you from overeating and stuffing during the holidays.

Overeating and Stuffing Damage Control Strategy #1

*Eat before the party. Most of us will not eat until the festivities begin. So we arrive dehydrated and starving to death looking anything to eat. Pigging out is inevidible once we get to the party.

To avoid overeating and stuffing eat healthy small meals and go for the whole organic or natural foods.

Overeating and Stuffing Damage Control Strategy #2

*Get your plus size workout on Curvy Goddess! It’s so easy to skip another day of working out when you’re quite busy during the holidays. But weren’t you quite busy BEFORE the holidays too to workout?

I can’t emphasize enough to you Curvy Goddess to please make time for exercise. You will always have 24 hours during the day so you need to dedicate an hour to exercise 3 – 6 days a week.

Even if you’re overeating and stuffing during the holidays so you don’t think you’re going to lose weight at this time, working out will at least prevent you from gaining any weight from the holiday debauchery.

Overeating and Stuffing Damage Control Strategy #3

overeating and stuffing
Limit Your Intake of Alcohol
*Limit drinking alcohol. Drinking too much always brings your guard down making horrible food choices.

Carry around a glass of sparkling water and a twist of lime with you while you enjoy talking to friends and family. You don’t have to completely give it up during the holidays but limit yourself to two.

Overeating and Stuffing Damage Control Strategy #4

*Keep yourself in good spirits. Depression is prevalent during the winter months. Drinking too much alcohol can exacerbate the tendency and also overeating and stuffing yourself can be a trigger that will send you in a state of depression.

Exercise can help prevent depression and being around positive uplifting people may also help.

Overeating and Stuffing Damage Control Strategy #5

*Share food gifts with others. You may receive alot of food as gifts from friends and family. I always have a taste and give the rest to the front desk for my co-workers to experience.

It’s a great strategy for me that will prevent me to eat the whole thing alone and gain the weight. It’s never worth it.

Food during the holidays are there to be enjoyed and enhances the holiday experience with family and friends. It’s not there for an overeating and stuffing holiday marathon. The above strategies may not help with weight loss but will prevent from gaining the holiday weight that so many of us tend to do during the winter months.

Hope you enjoyed the overeating and stuffing damage control strategies article, so until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

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