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Low Carb Dieting Basics 101 For The Curvy Goddess

low carb dieting
Have lots of fats and proteins in your low carb dieting program
Low carb dieting programs are still one of the many methods for losing weight and for losing fat. Low carb dieting can be fantastic when it comes to results. Great for burning fat, not just for weight loss but low carb dieting can help you lose loads of fat making you feel lighter, and more energetic.

How Long Has Low Carb Dieting Existed?

Low carb dieting has been around since the dawn of time. Cavemen lived off wild animals after hunting them.

Cavemen did eat carbs but through berries and plants. Back then rice, pasta, and potatoes didn’t exist.

Some tribes still live this way and seem to be a lot healthier and leaner because of this type of low carb lifestyle.

Doctors Who Advocate Low Carb Dieting For Health and Fat Loss

low carb dietingIn the 19th century, keto style diets (a low carb dieting method) were standard ways to treat obesity and as early as the 1790’s.

Dr. John Rollo used low carb dieting and high protein and high fat diets to treat diabetic soldiers.

Dr. Irwin Stillman in 1967 published one of the most popular low carb dieting books called ‘The Doctors Quick Weight Loss Diet’.

And following this, Dr. Robert Atkins published his low carb dieting plan called ‘Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution’.

He was definitely ridiculed for his research and at a time when low fat diets were all the rage and accepted as the most effective way to lose weight.

Bodybuilders have used low carb dieting for losing body fat to get ripped and defined bodies for contest preparation. And now it seems that low carb dieting is being accepted and used by millions as a way to burn loads of bodyfat and at a great rate while never feeling deprived and hungry.

How Does Low Carb Dieting Work?

So the basic philosophy of low carb dieting is that it restricts your body’s main energy source which is from carbs and so the body is forced to burn fat which is the next available energy source.

Low carb dieting is also known as high protein dieting which is often misleading since the focus is limiting your carb consumption and not necessarily eating an extreme amount of protein but also eating fat too.

The reason behind intaking fats into your low carb dieting plan is that we need to switch the body to burn fat and it is necessary to consume fats for the switch.

In a low carb dieting plan it is crucial that we consume fats otherwise the body will use protein for energy rather than fats.

It also helps with recovery after training, maintains muscle mass, and keeps us satisfied in-between meals.

Low carb dieting also staves off sugar cravings.

Consuming a diet rich in fats and proteins has minimal effect on our blood sugar levels. The more stable blood sugar levels are the better our curvy bodies will be at burning body fat. And the less we will crave that nasty sugar.

Low carb dieting will also minimize our body’s production of insulin which is our body’s fat storing hormone. Don’t want to do that.

The beauty of low carb dieting is the fact that you, Curvy Goddess, will be able to eat a lot of food so deprivation is not part of the philosophy in the low carb dieting plan.

You can have your steak, cheese, cream, olive oil, and nuts which in conventional dieting are considered forbidden foods.

The focus is about consuming fats and proteins and eliminating the starchy carbs from your low carb dieting plan.

So it isn’t about counting calories although OVEREATING WILL ALWAYS PRODUCE WEIGHT GAIN.

There are a few different types of low carb dieting plans that exist most emphasize consuming less than 30 grams of carbs per day which takes some time to get used to.

Going through the first couple of weeks of low carb dieting you’re going to be surprised how many carbs in certain foods you’re used to eating.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the low carb dieting basics 101, so until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

8 Responses to Low Carb Dieting Basics 101 For The Curvy Goddess

  1. I found your website earlier today and have had a fine time reading and learning from it. I am new to eating low carb and always looking for new ideas of what to eat.
    By the way, my reasons for becoming a low carb dieter are that I have believed myself to have metabolic syndrome for some time, have always had problems with my weight and found that conventional diets just dont work. Since I suffered a Heart attack and have now got Type 2 Diabetes I really have to do something to improve my situation. The medical proffession are not helping me at all.
    I have read books by Barry Groves, Gary Taubes and Dr Bernstein and am totally convinced this is right for me. Since I started a few weeks ago I have dropped 4 kilos which is a huge step in the right direction and gives me encouragement.

    kind regards

    Jean Morgan

    • Thank you Jean for sharing. Your story is a complete testament of how disconnected a lot of the members in the medical community are when it comes to prevention and even weight loss treatment.

      Food and exercise are the two key components to living a healthy life. I support and encourage the path that you’re on. And respect that you took responsibility for your health and body. 🙂


      The Curvy Goddess recently posted..Zumba Exercise Tips For The BeginnerMy Profile

  2. Love the website! This is a really good introduction to low carb dieting, and dispels a lot of the myths that people seem to have taken for fact in the low carb craze during the 90s – particularly the fact that bodybuilders have been using low-carb or ketogenic diets for years to get ripped! Thanks for the article! I’d love to do a guest post sometime, if you accept them.

  3. This is a great article covering the basics of low-carb dieting! I have been using a variation of a low-carb diet used by bodybuilders as you mentioned called a cyclical ketogenic diet. For someone who wants to lose body fat without sacrificing muscle or strength, there really is no comparison to more traditional diets. So many people make the mistake of focusing only on weight loss when overall body composition is far more important and there is no better method than a ketogenic diet in my opinion.

    It really is pretty depressing that there is so much misinformation prevalent within mainstream diet advice. Gary Taubes just recently co-founded an organization at whose goal is to approach the problem of nutrition truly using the scientific method. There are some really impressive people involved with this project and I’m hopeful they will be able to dispel a lot of the myths about proper nutrition.

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