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Zumba Exercise Tips For The Beginner

zumba exercise
Zumba is FUN!
Zumba exercise is one of the most fun workouts to learn especially for the exercise beginner. Even if you have two left feet and have no background in dance or fitness Zumba exercise would be one of the ideal workouts to add in your plus size fitness and health repertoire.

And even down the road if you plan to become a Zumba exercise instructor, the routines are designed where it’s quite easy to teach to your loyal and enthusiastic Zumba exercise students.

Although you hear time and time again from avid Zumba exercise antendees that Zumba exercise is fun and effective and you’ll definitely love it, you’re still apprehensive to dive right in because you’re new to it and most importantly if you’re new to working out.

The following are some helpful Zumba exercise tips for the beginner. After reading through the tips, hopefully you’ll round up enough courage and inspiration to try at least one class out.

Committing for more than one class is not necessary. You’ll have to enjoy it at some level to make any type for long term commitment.

Getting Started with Zumba Exercise

* Because of the apprehension, Curvy Goddess, let me suggest watching a session or two before actually joining the Zumba exercise dancing crowd.

* Because of watching for a couple of sessions you’ll get a feel of what to expect making you feel more comfortable when you actually dive in with Zumba exercise.

Zumba Exercise Attire

* Some tips with what you should wear? Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

* Many Zumba exercise enthusiasts who are passionate about the workout will wear something colorful and festive while wearing layers. They are able to take off layer by layer as they become warmer as the dance workout routine progresses.

* What about Zumba exercise shoes? Make sure to choose aerobic dance shoes or even cross trainers are appropriate.

* Running shoes are not recommended since they don’t accommodate lateral movement and turns that you find in dance.

The Festive Mood With Zumba Exercise

While you watch a couple of Zumba exercise workouts, you’ll notice that almost everyone has a smile on their face; maybe even some laughing going on and some singing while everyone is shimmying and moving their hips and shaking their booty.

You can’t help but do the same in this type of environment. It’s contagious.

* Remember that with Zumba exercise it’s not about being perfect and having the perfect body or having the perfect dance moves. You’re there to burn lots of calories and have fun.

* It’s all about having a positive attitude and giving it your best shot.

* Feel the music in your body expressing your attitude through movement.

* Also make sure if you have a good friend who loves to dance and/or wants to lose a few pounds to invite her to come with you and try out Zumba exercise.

Helpful Tips On The Moves Of Zumba Exercise

Again Curvy Goddess, don’t worry so much about getting the dance routines perfect. After a couple of sessions you’ll feel more comfortable while learning the sequences of the Zumba exercise routines.

* Make sure you never lock your knees. Keep your legs slightly bent and engage those abdominal muscles throughout the Zumba exercise class. Bent knees promote better control with the hips.

* An engaged core will protect the spine giving adequate support.

The Zumba Exercise Population

* Individuals of all ages attend Zumba exercise classes.

* From age 18 to 80 love Zumba and there are special Zumba exercise classes catering to specific needs and who have physical limitations.

* Some who are in wheelchairs can also Zumba and get fit and healthy while haveing fun and being around people with similar goals.

Pump Up The Intensity With Zumba Exercise

* Zumba exercise is all about interval training in dance workout form.

* Expect different paced moves throughout the 45 – 60 minute sessions.

* It’s possible to burn from 450 – 800 calories per hour in a Zumba exercise class!

These Zumba exercise tips will help you feel less apprehensive when you start on your journey burning loads of calories and getting fit and healthy while having fun!

Hope you enjoyed learning Zumba exercise tips for the beginner, so until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

21 Responses to Zumba Exercise Tips For The Beginner

  1. I have been meaning to join a club such as yours because the weight creeps up and before you know it you have piled on more kilos. Using the Numark Mixtrack DJ Controller to provide the music I have moved to Zumba exercise beat. It’s been a good learning curve. Keep the Zumba alive.

  2. 450 to 800 calories per hour . That is unbelievable. But it will be hard at the start I guess. Once practised will be easier and will yield good results I guess.

  3. Hey Curvy Goddess!! I’ll a licensed Zumba fitness Instructor and I tell my students all the time that to get the most out of it is to Get Loose and Have Fun!! Donations worrying about who’s watching you and just do your thang! Whew you do that you will achieve great results. I have ladies who community to class who burn over 1000 calories!! I know persona this program works because I was 245lbs size 22 and now I’m rocking a 14! So join the party y’all, you wonderful regret it.

    • I have been doing Zumba 2 weeks now and I have to say at 345lbs I really enjoy the workout. Some days I can keep up and others I have to workout at my pace…It is a good investment and looking forward to results. The best thing about Zumba anybody who is overweight can do it. You don’t have to do the jumps and others things you know you can’t do, but you can modify it.

  4. i don’t usually write posts or comments on articles but your blog was so convincing and is written with such diligence i had to praise. great work !

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