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Fitness Motivation – Overcoming the Power of the Couch

fitness motivation
Don't Wait to Find It

We can’t seem to find any fitness motivation to get to our health club or even favorite fitness dance class. It happens to the best of us, Curvy Goddess. One day, out of nowhere there is this surge of fitness motivation and you think you can practically move a mountain.

You race to the gym to shake your curvy booty and then the next day it’s gone. What happened to your fitness motivation Curvy Goddess? I know that sometimes my fitness motivation is a mystery in it’s existence. Like a narcisstic man it will appear whenever it wants to, to be gone in a flash.

When our fitness motivation disappears into thin air we are drawn to the power of the couch; sinking into the cushion.

You are one with the couch; either in a trance staring ahead at the TV laughing and crying with a group of women who call themselves “Housewives” or having a pity party for one feeling sorry for yourself and telling yourself that you just can’t find the motivation to get to the gym and/or exercise.

You may have been on an amazing track of eating right and exercising almost every single day; feeling that you can conquer this challenge of being a healthy and fit Curvy Goddess until you hit that speed bump. Wow! You unexpectedly “failed” meaning you put that Krispy Kreme donut in your mouth because your friend told you that you deserved a reward because you were so good with your fitness program.

After that incident your fitness motivation waned. You felt too full to go to the gym. You felt too tired to take that Pilates class that you’ve wanted to take for a long time. You just ate a donut so you might as well eat another one with a frappucino and start over…in the morning.

Yeah right…

The morning arrives but you’re sad because you don’t feel it anymore. There is no fitness motivation in the morning for you to go to the gym and eat right.

Does this sound familiar?

Well here’s the secret to conquer and destroy the power of the couch. YOU…DO…NOT…WAIT for the fitness motivation to arrive at your doorstep again because it may not.

Here are a couple of my friends who share what is their fitness motivation:

CicelyPlusModelCicely N. Carter – @CicelyPlusModel
@LoveMyCurvyBody i like 2 b constantly challenged, when my body is challenged & my mind is screaming & I want to stop i’m #inthezone

Cicely finds fitness motivation through challenges. I would have to agree with her. I am finding my fitness motivation with the ViSalus 90 Day Challenge. I’ve lost 8 lbs. so far…and counting.

EncouragesomeSamantha – @Encouragesome
@LoveMyCurvyBody when I’m on the treadmill listening to Mary J Bliege my life’s just fine! 🙂

Samantha finds her fitness motivation through music. There have been many studies that show how powerful music can be when it comes to human performance; physical and mental!

stevemosleystevemosley – @stevemosley
@LoveMyCurvyBody I am in the zone when I let my mind run my body instead of the other way around. LOL!

This is an AWESOME way to avoid being a slave to your body. LOVE IT!

You just do it in spite of your fitness motivation appearing before you. I think it’s a myth that we buy into Curvy Goddess that motivation will carry us through our workouts. It will arrive when we start our weight loss program. Most of the times it doesn’t work like that.

The normal scenario is you decide to become healthy and fit. You hire a personal trainer. Join a gym. Tell your co-workers, friends, and family that you’re going to start eating right and exercising and then you do it.

Let’s listen to the athletes. They don’t WAIT until they are overcome with fitness motivation to start, they just do it. In spite of being sad, happy, inspired, angry, depressed, bitter, tired; they train.

The fitness motivation will find you while on your fitness path Curvy Goddess. No need to look back to see if it’s right behind you. Start. Do the work. Continue. It will catch up to you and then all of a sudden WHAM! It overtakes you and you’re back wanting to move mountains again.

Here are some more fitness motivation article links; Until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

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22 Responses to Fitness Motivation – Overcoming the Power of the Couch

  1. Great post!!! My motivation does seem to come and go and it is frustrating at times! Especially when feeling tired and the hour at the gym seems so exhausting, but I continue to do it. Been doing it now for about a month so missing a day somehow seems wrong….I think then it would then be too easy to skip another day, so I keep on going, each and every day.
    Music helps me get through the hour on the Xtrainer or other workout machine…I count songs knowing that it is just a few more and then I can stop! Keep the posts coming!! thanks for the info and motivation!!

  2. Very Good Post! Motivation to go to the gym can definitely be a unicorn (mythical beast..impossible to catch). However, the good news is that once you start to see results, then that helps your motivation. I think people make it more difficult than it is. A basic strength training program, a solid eating plan like carb backloading, and a little bit of cardio for good measure. One of the best tricks for a Curvy Goddess to avoid the call of the couch is to train on the way to or from work. Never give the couch a chance to grab you until its too late 😉
    Don recently posted..Carb Backloading Book is Here!!My Profile

  3. The best thing to do when you are stuck in the rut of doing nothing is…SOMETHING! Just do one little thing. It could be a tiny little 3 minute walk or just getting down on the floor to do One sit up. Once you’re there, doing just a few more may not feel so overwhelming.

    You are absolutely correct. Fit people do not wait to be super inspired, they just keep doing it day in and day out and eventually they end up fit.

    Love your website by the way, I’ve just now discovered you!
    Darci recently posted..Do Fat People Have Sex?My Profile

    • Also, cleaning up the house a little is good movement too. Doesn’t have to be every little detail cleaning. Could be just vaccuuming the living room, wiping down all the counters in the house, or mopping the kitchen floor. Anything is great.

  4. I think the key to success with fitness is knowing from the start there are days you’re going to be less motivted than others.

    On those days it’s important that you push through and do something – it might not be as high quality a session as some of your other days, but it’s definitely better than doing nothing

  5. It is necessary for us to care about our fitness.. I’m 6 weeks post par tum and trying to lose the baby weight and then some. My motivation is my little girl and I want to get into shape before having another.Thanks…for your nice commitment…

  6. My problem is not only motivation it is also going at it alone. I eat the healthiest in my house, yet I am still the heaviest. I do fine on my own like everyone else, but then I hit a rough patch for whatever the reason and fall off the wagon. I beat myself up internally often, but not enough to loose weight. I have asked for help from my family and all I get is office politics. Then there is the no body can do this, but you speech. I am well aware of that, but shouldn’t you ask for help when you know you need it? I do not like walking or working ouut alone. When left to my own devices I set myself up for failure. I even posted a request for a walking buddy on Facebook. The one person that responded has not contacted me yet. It just makes me sad.

  7. Motivation is the one thing that is lacking nowadays. I feel sometimes very lazy to take care and that is the reason I am getting very fat nowadays.

  8. Sometimes I just need to tell myself to stop doing “work” and get my fitness workout done – it makes me rejuvenate and think clearly afterwards. Some days I just don’t want to but the good doctor told me I have to!

  9. Very true. Describes most lazy bones like me.
    I make up my mind every morning to go jogging the next morning. Come morning, and I dont feel like getting out of my cozy bed. Hats off to my husband who does all sorts of mean things (like take my blanket away and put it in the next room or sprinkle a few drops of ice cold water on my face. He once even slid some ice cubes down my night suit top. :/) to get me to leave the bed.
    All lazy people like me need someone like that to ensure that we dont miss out on our exercise. 🙂
    Ambika Choudhary Mahajan recently posted..How to Get Rid of Teeth Stains at Home?My Profile

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  11. My problem is not only get-up-and-go it is also going at it alone. I eat the healthiest in my house, yet I am still the be aware about that products if you are interested in them…but all in one,natural diet is the most perfect option for that..

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