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Weight Loss Motivation – Curvy Goddess, What Is Going to Make You Take Action?

weight loss motivation
Weight Loss Motivation Quotes for Inspiration
Weight loss motivation – Where do I find it so I can take action? For many of you who feel that they have a long way to go with reaching their goals it’s very difficult to find the weight loss motivation to even get started on your health and fitness dream.

I know that many of us who realize that we NEED to lose weight will bury the feelings and also the desire to start on the path. You will indeed ignore your present health and weight situation because the process is painful. Being conscious of how unhealthy a person is will create that delusional state of the mind.

I know. I have been there. Forget searching for the weight loss motivation to even start. Forget going through the pain of having to go to the gym and be reminded how out-of-shape you are. Forget knowing that you have far to go to accomplish health and fitness.

To find weight loss motivation to take action you must first be courageous and be conscious of truly what you’re losing in this state of denial.

So let me truly ask you Curvy Goddess. What are you losing from being in this state of denial and avoiding digging deep inside to find the weight loss motivation to act?

So what’s it going to take to find that weight loss motivation to act, to start on your health and fitness plan? There are a number of methods and ideas of weight loss motivation.

I think the one that really sticks long-term is weight loss motivation that is intrinsic, meaning that the weight loss motivation is found within.

For instance, you love to go to your Zumba class because it makes you feel good shaking your hips and having fun with others.

Another weight loss motivation that is intrinsic is that you enjoy the energetic surge that exercise gives to you.

Finding weight loss motivation that is similar to the above examples is very difficult for those who have never felt this way before.

They have never felt the endorphin rush from exercise. They have never experienced sweating with a workout partner who has the same goals and desires that they. They have never enjoyed the time spent with a personal trainer who understands their needs and wants and connects with them.

So finding an intrinsic weight loss motivation in the beginning may not be the right approach or strategy.

Motivation for weight loss that is extrinsic, meaning that the weight loss motivation is found outside of yourself. It could be a monetary reward.

For weight loss motivation that usually helps people to act in the beginning of their health and fitness journey it is usually extrinsic.

In the weight loss competition, The Biggest Loser, the extrinsic weight loss motivation is a big monetary reward, $250,000.00, a quarter of a million dollars! This seems to be enough for many to audition for the show and be in front of the camera going through the drama of losing weight. But with just a bra top and skin-tight lycra leggings it could be a strong deterrent. I know. Many of my clients would not do it just because of what they have to wear during weigh-in.

So that huge monetary reward won’t even do it. It has to be something else. Clearly, motivation for weight loss for someone to take action is an individual thing.

What would be an extrinsic weight loss motivation for you, Curvy Goddess?

1. Being able to have better and more options in fashionable clothes?

2. Being able to wear sexy shoes that fit?

3. The expression on your Mother-in-Law’s face when she sees you reach your goal size?

So you’ve tapped into the inspiration from your weight loss motivation. You have started. You are on your health and fitness path. Now how are you going to stick to this? I know that is probably the hardest thing to do.

Since you may have a “long way to go”. What is it going to take for you to stick to the plan? Seeing weight loss motivation pictures and reading weight loss motivation tips and weight loss motivation quotes are great ways to stay on plan.

From my personal experience and from working with clients who have ultimately succeeded. They didn’t quit. And the reason they didn’t quit was because they realized that success is not a straight line.

weight loss motivation pictures
Curvy Goddess Before and After
Curvy Goddess, you’re not going to start and then not having any struggle or challenges along the way. It’s really how you deal with them. You must understand that you are going to stumble. You are going to fall off the wagon. The ones who succeed understand this and they get back on the wagon as quickly as possible.

There is quick self-reflection from weight loss motivation tips and weight loss motivation quotes they have read along their journey and then back on they go, moving forward again. Weight loss motivation pictures also helps and will be included at Curvy Goddess Lounge.

You will have many methods of weight loss motivation while on the adventurous, winding health and fitness path. I will indeed guide you along the way and help motivate and inspire you in the way only I know how; through my words, my voice, my heart, and my spirit.

Hope you enjoyed the weight loss motivation post. Exercise for weight loss will be the next feature here on Curvy Goddess Lounge. Until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

10 Responses to Weight Loss Motivation – Curvy Goddess, What Is Going to Make You Take Action?

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