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[VIDEO] Exercise for Weight Loss – Questions from Curious Curvy Goddesses Answered

exercise for weight loss
Boxing is an amazing workout and FUN!
Exercise for weight loss is a part of the overall components for healthy weight loss and fitness. Exercise for weight loss is definitely an important part of the total sum. I have had many clients who have wanted to lose weight and get healthy again and when they have incorporated exercise for weight loss consistently throughout the week the fat seems to melt.

Exercise for weight loss does take some time and persistence to make it a part of a healthy lifestyle.

I think most people think that it’s easy to achieve weight loss through exercise if you hired a personal trainer.

I must tell you that it may be a little easier. You still have to do the work. You still have to show up to exercise for weight loss.

You’d be surprised how many women hire me and they still are having a very difficult time showing up. I figure out the perfect workouts for their level and help guide to their goal but they still have to show up but sometimes they sabotage the opportunity.

Everything can be laid out for a person to exercise for weight loss; the personal trainer, the great healthy grocery store around the corner, the workout DVDs library in the living room and the treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike and full gym in their basement but still exercise for weight loss seems elusive to many.

Women who want to start to exercise for weight loss get caught up on the HOWs and WHYs; What is the best exercise for weight loss? Should I diet vs exercise for weight loss? How about weights or aerobic exercise for weight loss?

Let’s tackle these questions and give you a very simple perspective of the whole exercise for weight loss.

Question #1: What is the best exercise for weight loss?

I am asked this all the time. And many variations of the same question; the best exercise for weight loss, The best exercise machine for weight loss, the best class for weight loss, the best workout DVD for weight loss.

The best exercise for weight loss is the one that will get you going on a healthy lifestyle and making exercise a part of your life. I know. It’s the kind of answer you don’t really want. But it’s true.

Most people are not at a point in their journey to be concerned about that and when you are at a higher level you’re not going to be concerned about exercise for weight loss as your goal. Your Olympic coach will tell you what you need to do in the days you don’t train with him. And I can tell you that both of you aren’t going to be concerned about weight loss!

Question #2: What is the best exercise machine for weight loss (and all other variations)?

You’re not going to focus on one machine! Not if I can help it. Repetitive motion will cause injury easily.

So when you’ve “mastered” walking then let’s open up your mind to taking a fun workout class, maybe some yoga and mat pilates. If you like dance then a dance fitness workout would be your best exercise for weight loss. We are learning to associate exercise with fun.

If you can afford it hire a personal trainer through a referral because there are so many horrifyingly horrible personal trainers out there. I should know. A personal trainer telling you that you’re a digusting person is not the way to go. I’ve been there. I’ve been told this. And many other wacky experiences I could make into a book, sell the story, and then a TV show and movie would be created.

So back to important matters; exercise for weight loss.

Question #3: So what about diet vs exercise for weight loss?

I will use the word “diet” as a word for healthy eating sometimes. The problem with the word is that many of you associate the word “diet” with deprivation and starvation but dieting shouldn’t be this way.

If you’re eating well; protein, vegetables, and fruits plus you’re eating when you’re hungry and stopping before you’re full you’re doing pretty well. It seems simple and it is but it’s not easy. I will explain the “eating to hunger” at length in another post very soon.

But I want you to tackle exercise for weight loss with me first. Fitness first.

So there is no diet vs exercise for weight loss. You are tackling both with me. Exercise first then we will discuss diet or in other words, healthy eating.

Question #4: Should I do weights or aerobic exercise for weight loss?

Again let’s focus on having a well-rounded exercise program. Let’s have a strong heart. Let’s be flexible. Let’s build stamina and endurance. Let’s be able to lift our baggage easily in the overhead carry-on compartment for a fun vacation!

We can exercise for weight loss and for strength and for flexibility and for a number of other aspects of what a healthy body should be.

Hope this post about exercise for weight loss inspired you to take action. I will share with you exactly what healthy weight loss is all about in my next post. Until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

6 Responses to [VIDEO] Exercise for Weight Loss – Questions from Curious Curvy Goddesses Answered

  1. yeah its true that boxing is a amezing and joyfull workout for loosing weight…in the pic ,a girl is looks like that she is angry…it depends on totally on your mind while practicing boxing…..boxing included all the body parts movements like most leg and hand movements……

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