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Healthy Weight Loss The Curvy Goddess Way [VIDEO]

healthy weight loss
Stick To Vegetables and Fruits for a Healthy Plan
Healthy weight loss…What does that mean? For some it may be an oxymoronic phrase that to lose weight we must “diet” and therefore deprive ourselves of food so that we can lose weight, so how could that be healthy weight loss? Many of us who have gone on that crazy weight loss rollercoaster ride so many times have never known what healthy weight loss is and what it feels like. But healthy weight loss does exist. It’s not fast in “the conventional fast until you crash” method and then binge to oblivion back to square one.

Healthy weight loss is composed of consistent and frequent exercise and a healthy weight loss diet.

A healthy weight loss diet consists of eating whole foods only when you’re hungry and until you’re satisfied, not full. I repeat. You are eating whole foods only when you’re hungry and until you’re satisfied, not until you’re sick to your stomach or even until you are full. Understanding what hungry really feels like will take some practice for some and for others you may feel like it’s pretty easy; easier than counting calories.

For me when I learned the “Eating to Hunger” method I thought that was so cool that I didn’t have to count calories any longer. I could never ever follow a diet where I had to count points, calories, or carb, fat, and protein grams. So “Eating to Hunger” seemed like a cinch.

Well it was but I had to also deal with my emotions. No more eating because I was angry or sad or bored. That was definitely not part of the healthy weight loss plan or part of the healthy weight loss tips.

When learning what healthy weight loss was overall I seemed to have the exercise down pat. It was the healthy weight loss diet that I had to wrap my head around. I first referred to the following hunger scale.

>>Healthy Weight Loss Hunger Scale<<

I am between a 3 and a 6. I eat when I am at 3 and sometimes if my blood sugar levels are balanced I can go a little below 3 before having to eat. I am never irritated when I am at 3 anymore if I’m eating a healthy weight loss diet which for me means no grains.

When I eat, I stop at a 6 on the hunger scale which means that I am satisfied but I don’t feel full. I have room to eat more but if I do eat then I am feeling full which truthfully doesn’t feel good. It never did. Feeling satisfied with food is healthy weight loss not eating past satisfied or full.

And using the counting calories method for healthy weight loss doesn’t make sense because I may need more than another Curvy Goddess because of what I do and working out so hard. How do you know how much you need? Again the answer is: Refer to your individual hunger levels. Your appetite knows.

Now what I discovered along this amazing healthy weight loss journey is that there are certain healthy foods for weight loss. I discovered that the healthy foods for weight loss list is downright simple but again not easy because most of us have been conditioned and brainwashed to think that there are certain things that are healthy; like the 100 calorie packaged cookies and the morning Quaker instant oatmeal in peach flavor will help us lose weight. GROSS!

I discovered that if I eat vegetables, fruit (not dried or jams or jellies), and meat, fish, eggs, and healthy fats they supported my healthy weight loss plan. It was really shocking.

Furthermore, when I threw the grains out of my home and avoided them altogether my hunger levels started to balance out. I was hardly ever hungry or craved after a meal and I no longer ate like a truck driver. Noone told me about

This was truly healthy weight loss for me. The healthy weight loss tips formula is:

Healthy Weight Loss Tips #1 – Exercise consistently and frequently

Healthy Weight Loss Tips #2 – Eat to hunger. Be between a 3-6 most of the times.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips #3 – Avoid sugar and all grains.

For the last healthy weight loss tip regarding grains, do a little experiment by avoiding all grains for a whole week and see how that goes for you.

So my clients and friends who took the plunge saw absolutely spectacular results after taking the healthy weight loss challenge. I could see visual results within weeks with them and they felt great; less bloated and more energetic.

Other results I had from my healthy weight loss plan was:

* Clearer, radiant skin

* Edema disappeared

* No more insomnia

* More regular

* Amazing high and sustained energy

* Cravings disappeared

* Went down clothing sizes

* Stomach pain and gas problems disappeared

healthy weight loss
Curvy Goddess Before and After
See for yourself what happened to me on my healthy weight loss plan.

You may ask what is healthy weight loss per week. I actually don’t weigh myself. That question of what healthy weight loss per week should be I don’t worry about. I think monitoring your healthy weight loss progress using the scale is usually a negative thing. I instead am conscious with how I am feeling.

On my healthy weight loss program:

* Do I feel less bloated?

* How does my skin look?

* How are my energy levels throughout the day?

* How do my clothes fit me?

* Do I feel stronger and are my joints less achy during the day and when I’m working out?

* Do I have less digestive problems and less stomach and bowel gas and pain?

I hope this post made you think about creating your own healthy weight loss plan the Curvy Goddess way. In my next article I will share with you weight loss before and after pics that will inspire. Until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!

14 Responses to Healthy Weight Loss The Curvy Goddess Way [VIDEO]

  1. I found exactly the same thing to be true. When I began avoiding grains and sugar, and concentrating on lean protein, fruits and vegetables, the weight fell off. I have gone from a size 16 to a 10 in the last year by changing my eating habits.

  2. Weight loosing procedure is totally depends on the workout and a healthy food as instructed by your instructor. its no matter now that weight can be loosees only by the mean of dieting….but we should avoid junk foods like burger,pizzas,some more spicy foods,cold drinks.These are affected on our digest system and causese a dieases……so eat healthy and stay healthy……

  3. Your tips are right on! By far the most important thing on any diet is cutting sugar and other processed carbs (white bread, white pasta, etc.) Though fat is often seen as the enemy, eating a diet high in protein and healthy fats (absolutely no trans fat) will increase satiety and significantly improve results for most people. If you do want to consume some carbs, just make sure they are slower-digesting carbs like whole grain/whole wheat products and try to consume them around a workout.

  4. I agree with you about grains. I’m form the Philippines and we’re BIG rice eaters. I recently tried eating as little rice as possible and replaced them with veggies and more protein and it’s amazing how easy it’s become to control my appetite.

    So I’m trying to eat as little rice as possible now, and stick to veggies, fruits and protein since that’s working well for me. I only eat rice now whenever I feel I need the extra carbs for something (workout, mt climbing, etc…).

    I doubt I’ll ever remove rice completely though. I just love it too much lol.
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